25 Life Lessons To Remember


You can get lost in life and can feel lost yourself, but you should always remember these 25 truths to live by:

  1. Love and accept yourself unconditionally. Why shouldn’t you love and accept yourself unconditionally? Yes, there are times when you’re going to make a mistake and hate yourself for it, but don’t. You’re only human and unconditional self-love gives you the courage to go after your dreams and goals.
  2. The busier you get, the more you need stillness.  Everyone is busy these days, but it’s important to slow down and take a deep breath. Take a minute to do nothing or to do something that will relax you, such as meditation. Taking a break and slowing down will help bring you a sense of peace and calmness in your busy chaotic schedule.
  3. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Judging or criticizing others does not do anything for your well being. Everyone has their own issues and problems that they are dealing with. It’s also a waste of your energy to allow negative thoughts in your mind.
  4. The world is a reflection of your dominant thoughts. If you think the world is one way, then it will be how you see the world. If you believe the world is friendly, then it will be. So turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts! Your world will become much better if you do.
  5. Start before you feel ready. There’s no time like the present to begin something. You just have to start before the moment comes because the right time may not ever come if you keep waiting for that “perfect” moment.
  6. Your capacity to love is unlimited. People often feel defeated after a relationship hasn’t worked out to the way that they would like, but love is a universal thing and doesn’t disappear so easily. It may not have worked out with that one person but you’ll be able to love again.
  7. Life is overflowing with blessings. People these days are too wrapped up in what’s going on to realize how many blessings we get from just being alive that day. Take a moment to count your blessings and realize all the good things that you have in your life.
  8. Success does not bring happiness, happiness brings success. Success is a big goal in many people lives but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be happy when you get it. Many successful people are still unhappy, proving that the two do not go hand in hand. Only you can define your happiness; things like success or material things do not define happiness for you.
  9. Make time for your friends and loved ones. We’re all busy, but it’s important to make time for your friends and loved ones. Keep in touch and stay up to date. Don’t lose contact with them just because life gets too busy.
  10. We are all pieces of one universe. We are all on the earth together, we are all pieces of this one universe. We should stop seeing ourselves as separate but as a part of something greater.
  11. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the path you choose to take. It will take  you a while to reach your goals and dreams, but as long as you enjoy the journey then you will enjoy the end so much more.
  12. Your intention is what matters most. A handmade gift or a heartfelt note is much more meaningful than a gift without any thought put into it.
  13. The more you give thanks, the more good things flow to you.  Make sure to give thanks for everything you get. Gratitude can be a magnet for positive energy.
  14. You are inherently worthwhile. You decide your worth. Your worth is not dependent on your career or what you have. It’s about what you determine your worth is.
  15. Fear is the one-sided fence. Fear is an illusion. Once you work through that fence you’ll realize that you never had anything to be afraid of.
  16. You need to replenish your soul. Sometimes with the busy schedules and hectic life, you need to take a break and let things be. You may have a million things to do, but you need to take a break sometimes and indulge in reading a book or just laying in the grass and observing nature.
  17. Most worrying is a waste of energy. Worrying isn’t going to get you anywhere. You can worry and worry all you want but that won’t change a situation unless you take action to change it yourself.
  18. When you want something, the universe conspires on your behalf. There’s always going to be some type of force trying to work against you and with you. The universe will arrange people, circumstances and opportunities to bring you what you want.
  19. Be wary of projecting your past onto your present. Just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean you should let it affect your present day. The past brings you up to who you are but does not define who you will become or who you are in the exact moment.
  20. Most people are capable of far greater things than they realize. You don’t realize it but you are capable of great things! As long as you believe in yourself, you will be able to do whatever you set your mind to.
  21. So much can happen in a day.  The day consist of 24 hours, and within that 24 hours, a lot of things can happen. No day is ever guaranteed. You should wake up every morning and be excited about all the possibilities that could happen.
  22. When you follow your heart, life is effortless. When you follow your heart and soul, everything feels easy.
  23. Deep breathing is underrated. Every time you feel flustered or consumed by negative emotions, take deep breaths. Deep breaths can alleviate the negative emotions and make you feel more at ease.
  24. Comparison is the death of joy. Comparing yourself to others won’t get you anywhere. It will be the death of your joy and happiness. Enjoy your accomplishments and don’t compare yourself to others.
  25. Happiness is a choice. You choose whether or not you are happy. Your happiness is in your control, and not one person can control that but you.

Information gathered from Huffington Post.

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