Top 10 Health Benefits of Going to Comedy Shows

health benefits of comedy show

We all find delight in our comfort zones. That’s why everyone has at least one comedy show that they keep going back to when they need to cheer up. Comedy releasing happy hormones, such as serotonin, and helps us feel at ease. So while laughter might not be the best medicine, it does deliver a dose of both mental and physical benefits with every tearful roar. We suggest you straight to the source and attend a comedy show. If you need any convincing, here is a list of 10 health benefits of attending comedy shows.

Relieves Stress

Comedy shows maximize the benefits of laughing, especially if the laughs have you holding in your tummy. Laughing reduces stress hormone levels, such as cortisol and epinephrine. This creates a relaxed environment for both your mind and body. In a 2008 study published by the American Physiological Society, researchers found that the mere anticipation of laughter lowered the levels of three stress hormones. Cortisol, epinephrine and dopac lowered by 39, 70 and 38 percent.

Muscle Relaxer

Give your muscles a break by attending a comedy show. Laughter increases oxygen flow and helps relieve built up muscle tension. A single comedy show can leave your muscles feeling relaxed for up to an hour afterwards.

May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Laughing, especially for a long period of time, increases both your heart and respiratory rate. These increases are then followed by a subsequent decrease in heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. This makes viewing comedy shows an effective way to lower blood pressure.

Burns Calories

Sitting around in a dark room isn’t exactly the healthiest way to spend your time. But as far as sedentary activities go, attending a comedy show is at the top of the list. As it turns out, laughing burns calories. A researcher from Vanderbilt University found that laughing for 10-15 minutes can potentially burn up to 50 calories.  

Stimulates the Brain

Laughter is no joking matter. It engages several sections of your brain. In particular the three main brain components are motor cortex, and the nucleus accumbens. These areas are involved respectively in cognition, movement, and emotional perception. The multiple neural processes involved in laughter makes viewing a comedy show a complex activity, especially for the brain.

Treats Schizophrenia

A night’s worth of laughter can also alleviate some schizophrenic symptoms. A study done on schizophrenic patients found that laughter reduced levels of psychopathy and enhanced social awareness.

Natural Pain Killer

As shocking as it may sound, watching a comedy show can be a natural way to alleviate pain. Laughing releases a heavy dose of endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers. In a 2011 Oxford University study, researchers found that participants who watched a comedy show right after being subjected to painful stimuli managed to have a higher pain tolerance than those who were subjected to pain alone.

Strengthens Immune System

A comedy club is also be a great place to fight infection. Laughing increases the body’s immunity by releasing infection fighting antibodies.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba found that individuals who spent their time laughing at a comedy show after dinner had healthier blood sugar levels than those who did not. The researchers concluded that laughing everyday could be beneficial for diabetics.

Builds Relationships

Whether it be a first date with someone you finally mustered up the courage to ask out, or just a light hearted girls night out, a comedy show is a great environment to be in with people you adore. What better way to relieve any of the awkward tension involved in the ‘getting to know’ someone phase than by laughing it out in a crowd filled with happy people?

And if you’re looking for an alternative to the typical bar scene, ditch the narrow bar stool and laugh the week’s worth of stress away with your friends. Sharing your laughter with loved ones allows each of you to learn more about each others’ taste in humor. That’s a great way to build any relationship.


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