Are Juice Cleanses Healthy? Here Are 10 Benefits


At first glance, detoxifying your body by undergoing a juice cleanse may seem daunting. To be taking in nutrients only through fluids and abstaining from the actual substance of food is a true challenge to tackle. While there are a variety of juice cleanses one may choose from – most tailored to meet specific goals – there are many things juice cleanses and their challenges present and have in common. Undergoing a juice cleanse will test your discipline, your diligence and your mental fortitude to maintain this diet – however long or short you choose it to be – but the gains you make will truly be worth it.

Here are the top 10 benefits of going on a juice cleanse.

  • Boosts energy – Many of those who successfully undergo a juice cleanse report feeling an increase in energy after a cleanse. This may be due to elimination of toxins that damper your energy levels such as sugars, saturated fats and trans fat. In a cleanse, the sugars and fats are replaced with various nutrients that provide you with natural energy. These nutrients vary depending on the cleanse of choice. Being more hydrated, as cleanses consist of an increase of water intake, could also be attributed to the boost in energy.
  • Helps the stomach remove toxins – Many people take acid-suppressing drugs, making it difficult to produce enough stomach acid. Stomach acid typically assists with the removal of toxins that may be ingested during regular food intake. Since cleanses are liquids, low amount of acid are required for digestive processing, which allows stomach acid to “stock up,” preparing the body to be prepared once you do begin to regularly ingest.
healthy detox beet smoothie with chia seeds
  • Reduction in appetite – Those who undergo juice cleanses report feeling as if their stomach has shrunk. This shrinking sensation helps ease food cravings, particularly cravings of comfort food, such as foods high in sodium, sugar and fat. Mentally, this jump starts the desire to break bad eating habits.
  • Promotes choosing eating in moderation – Juice cleansing helps eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten, alcohol and coffee from your daily diet. Though many of these foods provide nutrients (calcium, fiber, to name a few) are necessary to maintain a healthy body, an excess amount can be harmful. Your appetite and palate will naturally want to eat these foods in moderation.
  • Aids in with weight loss – Naturally, eating less food means eating fewer calories, and a drastic reduction of caloric intake can lead to rapid weight loss, as is the case with going on a prolonged juice cleanse. It is important to note, however, that after a juice cleanse, one must alter their eating habits to sustain vital nutrients in food substance. It is also important to keep up with a workout regime to keep weight off once you return to food substances.
Different vegetables and fruits have difference health benefits- so treat your body to a wide variety of mineral and nutrients!
  • Stronger immune system – Going on a detox will free up your organs, enabling them to function more properly and more efficiently than when they are bogged down with an excess of unnecessary nutrients. Freeing up your organs boosts your immune system because it allows you to absorb nutrients properly, making your body’s immune system stronger.
  • Purifies the skin – Frequent Ingestion of less-than-health foods and a lack of proper water intake results in acne. On a cleanse, though you may notice the skin looking worse before getting better, the skin is actually properly responding to the dramatic change in diet. Before long, the skin will flush out excess oils, remove acne and appear more radiant as you become more hydrated during the cleanse.
  • Healthier hair – When juicing your hair is able to grow uninhibited by internal toxins. It won’t be long before you see and feel the difference in the quality of your hair.
  • Clearer thinking – Sugar and fat-filled foods can leave you feeling lethargic, make you prone to a sedentary lifestyle. and can alter your thinking process. You will begin to know the true meaning of “mind over matter” as you focus on maintaining the cleanse. In the long run, meditation is proven to help increase concentration abilities.
  • Improved sense of well-being: Going on a juice cleanse will inspire you to feel good, boosting your confidence and allowing you to perform better in your lifestyle. When you are in the process of cleansing yourself, you feel yourself starting fresh with an improved diet and knowledge of your sense of well-being. Conquering the juice cleanse is the start of a new and renewed you.

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