Top 10 Best Accessories for Better Sleep 2019

Technology has made getting to sleep and staying asleep easier... here are our top picks!

The hustle and bustle of our lives seem to interfere with something that we often take advantage of: our sleep. Many of us like to emphasize that “sleep is for the weak,” when in fact, sleep is extremely vital to our well-being. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, we exhaust our energy reserves and end up being weak/sluggish, or cause even more serious issues within our immune system. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we have a hard time completing the simple (or not so simple) task of falling asleep. Along with lifestyle changes and sleep accessories; however, it is possible to get the good night’s sleep that you have always dreamed about. Here are our favorite sleep accessories to help you doze off and stay asleep, so you can conquer each day refreshed!

Black Out Drapes/Eye Mask

$33.13 at Amazon. Click to buy!

Not only do black-out drapes block out outside light and harmful UV rays, but they regulate the temperature in your room. According to the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, sleeping in a room exposed to light suppresses melatonin production by more than 50 percent. AmazonBasics’ Blackout Curtains have given users a good night’s sleep at a convenient price!

Eye masks can also be the solution to a number of sleep issues from anxiety to travel. Many people have anxiety at night, or any amount of light in the room where they’re sleeping can disturb them. These issues can be solved by sliding on an eye mask. The best eye masks are contoured so they don’t disrupt eye movements.

Coop Body Pillow

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$69.99 at Coop Home Goods. Click to buy!

Body pillows can relieve pain from headaches and decrease insomnia. They are also frequently used by pregnant women to conform to their changing bodies as they go through the discomfort that often comes with pregnancy. Another prominent benefit of body pillows is their ability to soothe and calm. Sometimes you just need a hug. There are many benefits to hugging and a body pillow envelops your body-simulating human touch. Our favorite is Coop Home Goods’ Body Pillow because it offers you a more comfortable sleep, aids healthy alignment for all pressure points, and conforms to your every curve with its advanced memory foam technology. Most importantly, its firmness and adjustability offer the cuddle buddy features you need to fall asleep! P.S. It’s rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, so we aren’t the only ones who love hugging this Coop body pillow!

Tuft + Needle King Size Pillow

Available on Tuft & Needle $100 Click to Buy

Sleeping on a king-size pillow has numerous benefits. First, the pillow is larger so you can move freely throughout the night. Second, whether you are a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper, or a front-sleeper, a king-size pillow can accommodate you. And you can even get a king-size pillow in all firmness levels for your best sleep! The Tuft + Needle King size pillow is perfect for anyone looking for that perfect night’s sleep! It is soft and squishy, but also supportive and breathable. Because of its’ adaptive foam and graphite properties, the pillow keeps its’ shape all night and ensures that you are always sleeping on the “cooler side” of the pillow. Our tester even said that the Tuft + Needle King size Pillow was a game-changer for their terrible headaches; proving that this pillow goes beyond comfortability.

Coop Dual Temperature Sheets

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$77 at Coop Home Goods. Click to buy.

Do you have issues regulating your temperature at night and find yourself waking in a sweat? Coop Home Goods New Dual Temperature Sheets are the answer to your issue. One side of the sheet has satin-like material that keeps your body at a cooler temperature and the other has fleece material so you can stay warm on a cool night. So it’s perfect for ANY time of the year- space saving AND ultra-soft, we’re in! Heads up: These cozy sheets may or may not make it impossible to get out of your bed in the morning. Join the Coop Home Goods VIP Club and Get 10% Off You First Order! Shop Now and Save!

Saatva Latex Pillow

$145 at Saatva. Click to buy!

For those who don’t like traditional memory foam, we suggest trying the luxurious Saatva latex hybrid pillow which aligns your spine and contours to the shape of your head. The Saatva pillow is specifically engineered for supreme neck and head support and is highly recommended by chiropractors and orthopedists. Additionally, the pillow is 100 percent cotton, contains microdenier fiber, and is naturally hypoallergenic. The core of Saatva’s pillow is 100% Talalay latex meaning that it does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, herbicides, or other man-made products. Most users have confirmed the pillow has relieved them of their neck pain and has elevated their sleep quality to a new level, and we agree, it’s our favorite pillow! Using this pillow will change the way you sleep forever. It will help you reduce resistance and discomfort so you will be able to have a longer and more restful sleep.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

$15.95 at Amazon. Click to buy!

Aromatherapy Diffusers or Essential Oil Diffusers have the power to relax your body for a deeper sleep by creating a calming effect in your room. Diffusers have endless benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to treating headaches. Ultimately giving off relaxing properties that create a soothing and uninterrupted sleep.

White Noise Machine

$49.95 at Amazon. Click to buy!

White Noise Machines drown out outside noise and distract your mind from your own thoughts; giving you peace of mind to fall asleep with ease. Many users have raged about how well this small device has blocked out noises such as loud stereos, barking dogs, and crowing roosters.

Silk Pillow Case

$21.99 at Amazon! Click to buy!

Silk Pillow Cases are a true luxury experience. Not only do they feel amazing, but they also help your skin retain moisture, reduce split ends, and reduce your chemical exposure. In fact, silk has the least amount of chemical exposure as opposed to other fabrics. Silk Pillow Cases are definitely a win-win product for your skin, hair, and overall sleep.

Light Alarm Clock

$46.99 at Amazon. Click to buy!

Often times, we are anxious about the sound of our alarm clock waking us up. Fortunately, with Amazon’s Sunrise Alarm Clock you no longer have to dread your alarm clock. With this product, you are woken up by calming sounds and a colored sunrise simulation that mimics natural sunlight. It is an effective product at helping you feel less groggy when you wake up.

Weighted Blanket

Our favorite is the high-quality Gravity blanket. Buy on Amazon.

Weighted blankets have been proven to be helpful with anxiety and stress. The weight helps people feel more at ease and relaxed as they fall asleep and for this reason, it can help combat insomnia. So if you are having trouble falling asleep at night a weighted blanket may be your solution! We love the Gravity blanket brand because it’s super high quality and the weighted beads don’t shift around as other, cheaper weighted blankets do.

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