Top 10 Fat Burning Foods


To be truly healthy, we always need to be conscious of the type of food we feed our bodies with.  Sometimes, we all have those lingering questions of: is this good for my diet? Is this good for my health?

Well now we have your answers!  Samir Becic and Health Fitness Revolution has made a useful list of the Top 10 Fat Burning Foods:

  • Lean Meats:  Protein has a high thermo genic effect- this means that out of what you eat,  30% of the calories you take in from your meal are burned during digestion.
  • Green Tea:  According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking 4 cups of green tea a day had participants loose close to seven pounds, over an eight-week period, due to the EGCG compound found in green tea.
  • Asparagus:  Due to the plant chemical asparagine, an alkaloid that affects the cells and helps break down the fat, your body more easily removes its waste, which makes it a great fat burner.
  • Beans:  Also a great fat burner. Beans are high in protein and low in fat. Not only is this is a great choice for vegetarians, but because it is low on the GI scale, it is great for metabolizing and releasing fatty acids.
  • Cage Free Eggs:  Another great source of protein and low in calories. Eggs will give you the energy to help you loose fat.
  • Fish:  The best known source of fatty acids. Fish is high in DHA- Omega 3 fatty acid and in protein which helps build muscles while simultaneously helping burn fat.
  • Hot Peppers:  Capsaicin- a compound that gives peppers their heat, is great for melting down the extra fat your body has stored.
  • Grapefruit:  According to University of Western Ontario, grapefruit is great for burning excess fat rather than storing it. Grapefruit balances out blood sugar levels because of naringenin- a flavonoid in grapefruit and helps to prevent metabolic syndrome. According to University of California, participants were asked to drink a cup of grapefruit before each meal. Within three months, they  had lost 3 to 10 pounds.
  • Oatmeal Original (No Sugar):  Rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber- this makes oatmeal a perfect candidate for burning fat and it’s very easy to prepare on-the-go!
  • Garlic:  A great fat burning component of garlic is a compound called Allicin. Allicin is known for helping the body flush unnecessary fat. So try your best to include garlic in your meals if you want that unnecessary fat gone.

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