Top 10 Fittest Supermodels of the 90s


There was a time when models were considered over the hill by the time they reached 30. Modelling was a young woman’s game and the term “supermodels” didn’t yet exist.

But then again, the fashion hadn’t anticipated the powerhouse players that were the 1990s supermodels, including Cindy Crawford, Christy Brinkley, Tyra Banks, Elle Macpherson and Eva Herzigova, whose glowing skin and strong, lean limbs defined the aspirational aesthetic of the time, and made athletic, healthy frames an ideal body type. Now, more than 25 years later, they’re back- and fitter than ever!

Here is our list of the Top 10 Fittest Supermodels from the 90s:

Cindy Crawford, 50

  • Has exercised regularly for over 30 years and doesn’t smoke
  • Protein shake in mornings and loves to drink green tea
  • Works out with trainer three times a week
  • Enjoys circuit training with weights, machines, and her own body weight (lunges, squats, etc.)
  • Drinks plenty of water and consumes wholesome nutrient dense foods
  • Diet consists of 80 percent vegetarian produce
  • Has a skincare brand named Meaningful Beauty
  • Believes a consistent workout routine is essential for health
  • “Live your life with gratitude, when you are grateful you can’t help being happy”
  • Cindy frequently showcases her workouts live on twitter

Elle Macpherson, 52

  • Was nicknamed “The Body” during her modeling career and still takes care of it
  • Feels empowered by consuming an organic, natural, and very simple approach to eating with lots of green veggies, fruits, and lean meats
  • Swims
  • Surfs
  • Paddleboards
  • Water skis
  • Does metabolic training with the same trainer she’s had for the past 15 years
  • “I’ve learned that an alkaline body and pH-neutral body is a healthier body,” Macpherson has said. “Many people believe that it combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and therefore is anti-aging. When all of our 11 body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state.”
  • co-founded Welleco to create supplements she could use in her own efforts to feel healthier and lose some extra weight
  • Sleeps 7 hours a night
  • Laughs as much as possible
  • Drinks 3 liters of water a day, including 500 ml of room temperature water upon waking up
  • Does a different workout every day

Claudia Schiffer, 45

  • Does the 5+ Diet Plan (1,200 calories everyday)
  • Eats three big meals
  • Breakfast: prefers eating only fruit
  • Lunch: Quinoa, fresh salads, and miso soup (light stuff)
  • Dinner: Chicken breast, brown rice, whole grains
  • Consumes green and leafy dense veggies
  • Does pilates daily
  • Swears by walking twice a day, everyday
  • Drinks gallons of water everyday after 4:00pm
  • Also drinks 1 liter of green and herbal teas everyday
  • Not a fan of “fad” diet plans

Iman Abdulmajid, 60

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  • Created Iman Cosmetics to promote good skin care
  • Enjoys cardio exercises like jump rope and walking
  • Does Pilates 3 times a week
  • Steers clear of soda, fast food, and sweets
  • Focuses on 6 small meals a day
  • Starts day with a good amount of carbs then decreases consumption throughout
  • Has said “Beauty and wellness are not about age”

Heidi Klum, 42

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  • Pretends it’s bikini season all year and makes healthy decisions that way
  • Runs along the Hudson river daily inspires her, and she grabs Starbucks at the end
  • With her busy schedule, it’s impossible to have a set fitness routine. So instead she likes to try and incorporate exercise into her daily life whenever she can
  • Jump on the trampoline with her kids
  • Hikes with her dogs in the canyon by my house
  • Will run for 30 minutes on my treadmill, but prefers to be outdoors
  • When I’m traveling, does a few sit-ups in hotel room
  • Stick to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.
  • Heidi has said “In 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution to drink a fruit and veggie smoothie every morning. It’s one of those that went from a resolution to a life habit. My kids and I do it together, and we love it. It’s important to keep a balanced diet, but I’m not a fan of deprivation. If I want a cheeseburger, I am not only going to eat that cheeseburger, but I’m going to enjoy that cheeseburger.”

Eva Herzigova, 43

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  • “In the past few years, beauty has been…exposed. It was immature and more about flashy femininity. Today, my idea of beauty is more sophisticated – casual, authentic, confident. There’s an intelligence and a timelessness to it” Eva says
  • Does barre
  • Yoga
  • Cooks healthy meals
  • Nourishes her skin daily by cleaning her face morning and night
  • Juices frequently: lemon, cucumber, and celery

Christie Brinkley, 62

  • Works out with Total Gym
  • Enjoys yoga
  • Does full body exercises
  • Vegan
  • Loves to kayak
  • Paddleboards
  • Surfs
  • Believes that “mixing it up keeps it fun” 
  • Emphasizes the importance of feeling good for health
  • Believes “age is determined by your attitude”

Milla Jovovich, 40

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  • Since retiring from modeling, has been in a slew of action movies, each time pushing her physical training
  • Lost 62 lbs after having her baby girl
  • Her trainer says she doesn’t enjoy workout out but does it for her health
  • Partakes in the 5 factor diet (prescription of three meals and two snacks daily, each including five elements: protein, complex carbs, fiber, fat and fluids)
  • When preparing for role, trains 5 days a week with a trainer
  • Circuit training
  • Hikes

Naomi Campbell, 45

  • Does the master cleanse: drinks maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne
  • Does not drink alcohol and is against smoking
  • Drinks aloe vera juice, fresh green juice everyday
  • Eats walnuts, fruits, apricots, dried fruits
  • Eats salad, steak, and fish
  • Does yoga and pilates an hour everyday
  • Fasts once a week
  • Workout: Cardio, pilates, and strength training
  • Does a 10 minute workout on busy work days

Tyra Banks, 42

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  • Eats organic foods, a myriad of green veggies, and fresh fruit
  • Does resistance and strength training and cardio 4 times a week
  • Favorite workout is hardcore boxing
  • Typical routine consists of: a few warm ups, running drills, and also utilizes medicine balls to do squats and heavy lifting
  • Usually works out for an hour everyday
  • Aims to help young women everywhere to embrace their unique beauty and feel confident

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