Top 10 Fittest Professions

fittest professions

Some professions confine you to a desk all day where you will never get above resting heart rate. Months and years of this sedentary lifestyle weighs heavily on your joints and internal organs, increasing your risk of obesity and other major diseases. But having a full-time job doesn’t mean you should resign to immobility and poor health- you can choose a career among the fittest professions…

As it turns out, professional athletes and personal trainers aren’t the only ones who lead an active lifestyle while earning money! We scoured CDC statistics on obesity by profession and found careers that allow you to be active while at work, giving ample opportunity to get away from the desk.

Firefighter searching for possible survives.

1. Firefighter

This career is first in line for keeping employees the most fit. In order for them to carry out extreme tasks, such as climbing 100 foot ladders or rescuing people within the flames, firefighters have to be very physically fit. Before becoming real life superheroes, they must complete an intense training process that prepares them for the high-temperature challenges that lie ahead. Firefighters literally must qualify as physically fit to perform their job correctly. So if you’re looking for an adventurous career that strengthens you physically and mentally, become a firefighter!

cheerful young medical worker with arms folded

2. Healthcare Professions

Nurses, doctors, Emergency Medical Technicians, and dentists are some of the top fittest professions to have. It’s probably because they perform health-related tasks day in and day out. Having knowledge on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and portraying that in their everyday life is key within these occupations. The CDC found that they not only consumed more than the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables, but also ranked very low in terms of obesity. 

Smiling female cabin crew standing in an airplane and looking at the camera.

3. Flight Attendant

In order to become a flight attendant, you first have to be able to fit in the seat! While in the air, an attendant has to be on their feet for hours at a time. They have to attend to the needs of passengers throughout the flight, by serving food, drinks, as well as other accommodations.

Bearded man draws formulas on a chalkboard

4. Instructor

A career in teaching, whether it be a university professor or an elementary school teacher, is on the CDC’s list for having the lowest obesity rates among other careers. Lecturing on your feet all day or taking care of children can have some great benefits for your health. Standing in place burns around 50 more calories than sitting does! 

Portrait of a handsome young man working as a waiter and holding a notepad ready to take your order at a restaurant5. Waiter/Bartender

If you’ve ever experienced being a server in during your struggling college years, or served in the food and beverage industry in general, then you know the demands it places on your feet. From making drinks and cleaning tables, to constantly running back and forth to needy customers, waiting is not for the sluggish. Harvard Health Publications state that 150 calories are burned per hour by a 125 pound person waiting tables! Usually at the end of a long shift, you still have to clean up the parts of the restaurant that are messy. Forget about squeezing in a gym session in; you’ll already get plenty of cardio at work!

Authentic construction workers collaborating in the installation of cement formwork frames

6. Construction/Technician Professions

Construction or technician professions tend to require a lot of manual labor. During a typical work day construction workers lift, drill, and operate on different materials. This type of labor requires lots of time and energy throughout the day to day activities. Jobs done by rig technicians or underwater welders also require a lot of physical operations that are sure to keep you fit!

Close-up of a mature woman gardening

7. Physical Laborer

This encompasses careers in gardening, landscaping, or any others that require lots of moving. Obviously if you want to stay fit and active throughout your day, careers like these will get the job done. Not only does gardening tone you up, but it torches fat and reduces stress (Ah, the benefits of nature!). Also, if you find yourself hauling furniture or equipment up and down the stairs daily for hours at a time, you’ll most definitely reap the benefits of your labor!

Professional Dog Walker Exercising Dogs In Park

8. Dog Walker

We all know taking care of a dog is hard work. Now just multiply that by 3 or 4. Dog walkers are among the fittest professions because of how much they have to be on their feet when taking care of dogs! Research has found that dog owners get more exercise with their furry friends than gym-goers do with a membership! Having a dog to attend to is a great motivator for exercising. Whenever you don’t feel like exercising, just knowing that you have a responsibility to your fur friends will get ya moving!

tour guide

9. Tour Guide

Tour guides work in a variety of settings such as museums, parks, neighborhoods, and plenty more, which regularly contributes to their physical activity level. Especially in tourist seasons, they have to walk plenty of steps in order to show people around the different areas of interest. Guides have to be able to work through different conditions and environments in order for the tour to be successful!


10. Outdoor Activity Instructor

When occupying a career that focuses on social outdoor adventure, it’s no wonder people in these positions are more fit than others. Whether that be leading a group of hikers, kayakers, or skiers, this nature-focused profession will benefit your physical and mental health. Being active outside is shown to lower stress levels and increase your mood from all of the Vitamin D!

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