Top 10 Health Benefits of Piloxing

health benefits of piloting

What is piloxing? Not just a funny word, this new workout trend founded in 2009 by Swedish celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen. It is a crazy blend of boxing, dancing, and standing pilates. Basically it is the brain-child of fat burning, lean muscle-building, and FUN. Yes I said it, it’s fun. So, with all of that said, I think it’s time we learn more about the full-fledged health benefits of piloxing.

  • Cardio: Get Your Heart Pumping

    • The fusion of piloxings brings dance, boxing, and pilates in an interval workout that is core-intensive. With the raise in your heart rate and the work on your core, you’ll be on your way to get sculpted. Some positive side effects of cardio: it lowers blood pressure and therefore reduces risk of heart disease.
  • Stronger Core

    • Piloxing is a core torch-er. But what you may not know is what having a stronger core can do for your body. Not only does your posture improve, but it makes everyday tasks simpler such as lifting or gardening and even alleviates the stress placed on your lower back. Not to mention it makes you look fantastic.
  • Tone your muscles

    • It is said that Michelangelo would look at a block of marble and see the statue within, he felt he was simply freeing them from their prison, sculpting them into reality. Well, if Michelangelo was to marble, Piloxing is to muscle. By toning your muscles, you are sculpting your body into the god or goddess it was always meant to be by training your muscles to better perform their full range of motion.
  • Flexibility

    • All of this movement and lengthening of the muscles really limbers you up! That’s a good thing. By being more flexible you can reduce joint and back pain as well as improve your balance. As an added bonus, you can perform even better in the next class thanks to the increase in your range of motion.
  • Injury Prevention

    • By increasing your range of motion and muscle mass, you are making your body stronger and more capable of adapting to movements and preventing yourself from getting hurt. You have eliminated the stiffness in your muscles that could lead to an injury while still strengthening them.
  • Reduces Stress

    • Regular exercise is a known cure for stress. During a workout your brain signals the  production of endorphins- neurotransmitters that make you feel good. In doing so, you are pushing away the stress and rewarding your body with an improved mood and a greater ability to focus on the tasks ahead without becoming frazzled.
  • Social Connections

    • It has been proven time and time again that you are healthier and happier when you are surrounded by others in a positive environment. Interacting with people and building relationships keeps your brain young and healthy. Ultimately, this helps you live longer.
  • Builds Stamina

    • Piloxing is exhausting. BUT in the long run it actually gives your body more energy. Through this extremely intense aerobic exercise routine, you are building stamina which will (eventually) allow you to do more with the same allotted amount of energy.  
  • Boosts Self-Confidence

    • When you look good you feel good. Piloxing is no exception: after every session you can feel yourself get closer to the better version of yourself through the sweat and shouts. As you follow this form of fitness, you are building a positive body image and proving to yourself that you are capable of what you thought was once impossible.
  • Improves Sleep

    • Exercise helps you sleep better in the long term. You work out, you get tired, you sleep! The more consistent you are with your workout regimen, the more prepared your body and brain are to sleep at night and the quieter the ‘alarm bells’ that once kept you up late are.

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