Top 10 Health Facts About New Hampshire Before The Caucus

State Flag of New Hampshire

Over the next few months HFR will follow the US presidential candidates as they tour across the country. The candidates are competing for delegates  in each state, but we will be assessing the top 10 health facts for each state they visit.

This week we are profiling New Hampshire, a small state nestled in the mountains of New England. One of the original 13 colonies, the residents of New Hampshire are devoted advocates of liberty. They also enjoy beautiful and rugged scenery, an Atlantic port, and many lakes. Here are the top 10 health facts about New Hampshire:

  • New Hampshire is ranked the “Fifth Healthiest State in the Nation.”
  • New Hampshire residents enjoy outdoor activities in the state’s beautiful scenery. Some activities include: hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and hiking.
  • The state has over 92 state-parks where citizens of New Hampshire congregate to enjoy fresh mountain air.
  • Seafood, which is a low-fat high-protein food, is a staple of the New Hampshire diet.
  • The state ranks 8th lowest in “Adult Physical Inactivity.”
  • Only 16% of the adult population are tobacco users, the 6th lowest in the nation.
  • New Hampshire has a Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, which delivers fresh produce and nutritious food to senior citizens for an affordable price.
  • Skiing, the official state sport, prevents aging, promotes social health, and is a great cardiovascular activity.
  • Mega-gym chain Planet Fitness is headquartered in rural New Hampshire and there are many gyms throughout the state.
  • Town Hall meetings are popular activities in New Hampshire. They promote social connection and political awareness.

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