Top 10 Health and Fitness Tech Gadgets


The world of health and fitness gadgets just keeps growing and growing. It seems like everywhere we turn we are bombarded with new techniques to stay slim and get fit. There are so many different fitness tech trackers out there and all are designed to help give people the results they want.

When health and fitness tech gadgets are accurate they really do come in handy, especially when we need that extra push to reach our goals. Here at Health Fitness Revolution, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list of gadgets we believe is worth the cost to assist you on your fitness journey.

  • Misfit Ray – $100

Talk about stylish, this fitness and sleep tracker may become your most valuable accessory. This gadget is perfect for the minimalist who wouldn’t mind a thin bracelet or necklace-like tracker. Made in black or rose gold, the Ray syncs directly to the app. Besides being water-resistant, it measures calories, activity, steps, distance and more. And when you’ve been inactive for too long, it’s LED light and vibrations will urge you to MOVE!

  • Lumo Run Shorts and Leggings – $170

These pants are for male or female runners who want feedback on their performance. Shorts for men and leggings for women, the waistband has sensory technology that will encourage you to push yourself farther throughout your run. It’s like having your own personal trainer next to you! Through your phone, it also tracks distance, pace, time, and map routes. Go get’cha run on!

  • Gyenno Cup – $120-$170

We all tend to not drink enough water throughout the day. But the Gyenno Cup can be the perfect fix! This is a unique cup that will make sure that you’re drinking water throughout the day. It also measures the temperature of the water so is not too hot, and it alerts you when it needs cleaning! It gives you a water intake goal for the day, tells you the weather, and even shows the time of day on the screen.

  • KuaiWear Coaching Headphones – $150

These headphones will give you feedback on your body performance during an activity. They have Olympic coaches encouraging you on the other end to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Tracking your weight loss, calories, distance, heart rate, and more the KuaiWear is all you’ll need to have on you during your exercises!

  • FitBit Blaze – $200

Fitbit is on FIRE with this new advanced fitness tech gadget. It’ll give you feedback on your daily steps, heart rate, stair climbing, distance, burned calories, shut-eye, and exercise statistics. This convenient watch will personally tailor itself to your activities, whether that be on a cardio machine in the gym to outside cycling or running. Recently, however, FitBit’s heart rate tracker has been said by some to be misleading, but Fitbit is aware of this issue and explains more on their manual. 

  • GymWatch – $100

Do you even lift? Taking a different turn in the fitness gadget world, the GymWatch is designed specifically for the weightlifters at the gym. It makes sure that the reps are done correctly through motion sensors located inside and vocal feedback. Wear it on your arm or leg to improve performance as you lift. It syncs right to your phone to give you all of the stats collected during a workout.  

  • Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – $130

Fitbit is back at it again! This sleek high-tech scale not only tracks your weight, but also body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI. It also displays graphs on an individual’s weight progress trends and can store information for up to eight different users. So if you’re looking for an in-depth and unique way to see your fitness journey, the Fitbit Aria should be your go-to scale to help you reach those goals this year.

  • Garmin Edge 1000 Cycle Computer – $500

This touch screen navigation system is perfect for the adventurous bikers out there. It has mapping capabilities that will point you in the right direction in terms of roads, elevations, and distances. Just enter where and how far you want to ride and it will create a map of bike-friendly paths along the way. Connected features include live tracking, social media sharing, alerts for calls and texts, the weather and more.

  • Under Armour HealthBox – $400

This extensive health gadget is designed around how you feel by measuring the factors that impact your life-like sleep, nutrition, fitness activity. By pertaining to the whole person, the Under Armour HealthBox will make you “exercise smarter, feel better, and live longer.” The box includes a band, scale, and chest strap that all helps track your sleep, heart rate, activity, calories, body fat, weight and more.

  • Hexoskin Shirt – $300 

This smart shirt is made waterproof from lightweight Italian fabric designed with built-in sensors to monitor a variety of daily activities. Steps, heart rate, energy, exercises, and sports will all be able to be picked up by the Hexoskin. It doesn’t take long to charge (90 min) and has a 14-hour battery life. Whether asleep or awake, the Hexoskin can track almost anything. So put a shirt on and get FIT! An alternative cheaper option is the Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt for $79.


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