Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips from Mark Zuckerberg

fitness tips from mark zuckerberg

Ah Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook genius. We all are thankful for how much this social network keeps us connected to our friends and loved ones across the globe. Starting out small, Zuckerberg grew into one of the wealthiest people on the planet. We can learn a lot of things from Mark, not just his social networking skills but health and fitness advice as well!

“Not many people think of health and fitness when they hear the name Mark Zuckerberg. But, to everyone’s surprise, he is a very healthy and fit young man who showcases fitness, healthy lifestyle, intellect, and generosity, all of which lead him to being a phenomenon of the 21st century” says HFR founder Samir Becic.

Here are some great fitness tips from Mark Zuckerberg:

  • Work out for energy

In order for Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook a continuing success, he not only needs his brains for energy but his physical health as well. Whenever he isn’t busy running the Facebook world, Zuckerberg makes sure that he sets aside time to exercise. This social network wiz devotes his mornings to working out at least three times a week. He believes staying in shape is essential for energy and getting anything done. Working out is one of the best ways to vigorously carry out daily activities and boost both our physical AND mental health. Your brain will thank you for the extra blood and nutrients that’s fueling its power!

  • Give back

Mark Zuckerberg definitely sets the standard for giving back to the community. He uses his wealth to impact and help people and causes that he finds important . He’s donated a total of forty six billion dollars to places like the CDC, the Bay Area communities, Network Public School System, and more. So whether you want to give back by donating your money, time or energy, volunteering, or any act of giving back, all are good for your health! According to some studies on giving back, people who do so have lower rates of heart disease and stress! Giving back has also been shown to lower blood pressure and increase longevity.

  • Use your pet for motivation

Very often when he goes outside to exercise, Zuckerberg takes his dog with him! His furry friend will be right beside him when he runs, cheering him on. Sometimes we all need a little push to get off that couch and move. Having a pet by your side during any activity is a great motivation for exercising. Not only are you taking care of your own body’s health, but the health of your pet as well. So go for a run or chase your dog around in a park and reap the healthy benefits!

As the start of 2016 brought us new aspirations, it also inspired Zuckerberg to challenge his physical health. The Facebook CEO decided he wanted to run a mile a day and prompted all people across the globe to join him. Running just a mile a day can have great benefits for one’s health. From toning to weight loss and increased cardiovascular health, there’s no doubt this challenge is effective. According to a Mayo Clinic 
study, running even just 6 miles a week can add up to a whopping 6 years to your life!

  • Be disciplined

One of the reasons Zuckerberg is so successful is because he trained his mind to focus on the tasks at hand. If anyone wants to be serious about healthy living, then self-discipline is key! Being able to control oneself around some of life’s unhealthy pleasures (like red velvet cupcakes) or pushing oneself to workout on a rainy day are just some of the aspects of discipline. Research shows that discipline will not only will it make you happier, but more accomplished as well. No matter where you are in your own healthy voyage, just remember that mistakes are OKAY, keep pushing forward, and set realistic and achievable goals.

  • Eat real food

Mark claims himself a vegetarian and only will eat meat that he can kill himself, he told Fortune. Zuckerberg wants to focus on being grateful for the food he gets to consume and stated that he’s learning about farming while eating a healthy diet. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of vegetarianism. If you’re looking to slim down, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and reduced risk of heart disease then this might be the way to go!

  • Change up the routine and try something new

You could say that Mark Zuckerberg likes to keep things interesting because he’s constantly challenging himself to new levels. Whether that be running a mile a day for a year, learning Mandarin, or reading a new book every other week, Zuckerberg is up always looking for new ways to experience life. If we always stick to an old routine, we are bound to get stuck with a bored and uneventful life. But by changing things up, like practicing a different workout everyday or consuming a variety of healthy foods, we can boost our overall health. This switch will help keep you energized, boost your brain’s creativity, and will open new and exciting doors.   

  • Be Social

Zuckerberg created Facebook so that people could connect to each other. It’s like one big social gathering online. But besides our online connections, real world- in person friendships are beneficial to our quality of life. A study on connections and health showed how social relationships strengthen your immune system, lengthen your life, and even lower your risk for diseases! When we feel like we have friends we can talk to, the human spirit feels less anxious and depressed. So get out there and socialize for your health!

  • Have a positive attitude

There have been many naysayers along the way during Mark Zuckerberg’s rising success. People who didn’t believe in him and his vision, but this is life. Every day we are faced with negative people  trying to ruin your attitude. But staying positive in times of tribulation is a key to bettering our emotional health! Getting in the right mindset is shown to reduces stress, motivate people to exercise more, and increase overall well-being.

  • Follow your passion

Ever since he was little, Mark Zuckerberg was passionate about programming and continued to pursue his interest as he grew older. Even when times got tough, he didn’t stop what he loved. He even dropped out of school to focus on what he wanted! Eventually becoming one of the world’s richest men, Zuckerberg started with a vision of interest. There is something so satisfying about pursuing your passion, which in turn impacts your mental health making you happier, healthier, and more driven.


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