Top 10 Health Tips to Improve Your Dirt Biking Game

Motorcross riders racing on track

Commonly defined as an extreme sport, dirt biking has seen as many ups and downs as a track in terms of popularity. The sport is a demanding one, calling for incredible jumps, aerial tricks and stability over rocky terrain. And maintaining your composure while doing this is at the core of motocross; a little slip-up – even on a sharp turn – can lead to major consequences. Health Fitness Revolution compiled a list of the top 10 ways to make your ride smoother and more successful, so rather than continuing to listen to your friends joke about how you totally wiped out on that last jump, you can watch as their jaws drop at your perfectly executed ride.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – As with any activity, getting on your bike and practicing is the best way to get better at dirt biking. Hitting the track and even just riding in laps will give you a better idea of the track – no matter how many times you’ve run it – and furthermore, build the foundation you need on your bike. Do a couple warm-up laps and ghost races (make sure you’re keeping time!) if the race is more your thing. If you prefer big air, practice your flips, jumps and stunts as often as you can.
  • Exercise – It is no surprise that exercise is on this list of ways to improve your dirt biking skills. Exercise in any form can help build cardio and muscle strength, both of which are required to ensure proper execution in form and technique. Having a strong cardio background will teach you proper breathing techniques and keep you cool in the midst of the adrenaline rush you get while riding, while having a lean muscular physique will give you the strength you need to control your body and your bike as you’re sailing at top speeds.
  • Swimming – Piggybacking on the previous bullet point, swimming is can excellent exercise than can serve as both a cardio and strength workout. A low impact exercise that demands constant movement (especially if you’re in the deeper end of a pool), swimming will be sure to get your heart pumping and keep your muscles constantly working. Swimming is also a low impact exercise, giving your joints a much-needed break from high-impact exercises and impacts.
  • Running – Primarily a cardio exercise, running is also a fantastic way to tone up your core and legs. While it is an activity you can take part in most anywhere, bikers should consider going out for a trail run, where you may be surrounded by familiar terrain. Liken your trail running shoes to the treads of your tires and your run to the bike’s run. Extreme in pace, demanding in reflexive adaptation, the best runs will take place here in the outdoors, where you can not only work out your body in terms of cardio and muscular activity, but keep your mind engaged in avoiding potential obstacles.
  • Stretching – Stretching is an important part of regular exercise and can also be beneficial in dirt biking. Paired with proper hydration, Stretching can lower the risk of injury and help prevent a lot of aches and pains in the future, especially in the sport of motocross where you may take a tumble every now and again. Be sure to constantly stretch out your forearms as they constantly made tense while riding.
  • Efficient breathing – Though this may sound very simple and even obnoxious to teach people to breath correctly, the truth is sometimes we can forget to breathe, especially while participating in exercise where oxygen intake is at its most necessary. Take long deep breaths rather than short shallow breaths when possible to provide a sufficient supplies of oxygen to your muscles and brain. This will contribute to healthier, more reflexive muscles and boost focus and concentration.
  • Strength training – Muscle strength is super important for having better control of your bike. Heavy bikes, the force of gravity, the rush of speed – all of these are constantly pulling you in various directions and it is usually your strength alone that makes the difference between being on the bike and being on the dirt. To ensure you’re more on your bike than on the good soil, add weightlifting to your workout regimen at increase your strength. While you may not necessarily have to bulk up, lifting weights will test your muscles, which will result in a stronger body, which in turn will result in better control and stability in your ride.
  • Proper nutrition – If you’re taking these tips to heart, it’s important to understand fitness isn’t a purely physical endeavor but also a reflective endeavor, and by reflective, I mean what you put in your body will be what you put out in the race. Imagine pouring milk into your bike’s tank instead of fuel. Of course your bike will be running on empty. Similarly, your body needs the right kind of fuel to run properly as well, especially if you’re aiming for overall fitness. Make an active choice in planning our meals, aiming for healthy, energy-rich foods while avoiding processed and sugary foods. Get plenty of carbs prior to a big workout and ensure maximum muscle recovery with foods high in protein, and always, always hydrate!
  • Rest – Don’t over work yourself! Rest is extremely important to re-energize both your mind and your body. Lack of sleep will result in fatigue, which can lead to costly mistakes on the track or in the gym. Sleeping is the time that the body needs to repair itself, so don’t forget to get some rest!
  • Keeping trying –  Don’t give up! Have a positive attitude! Practice makes perfect, but sometimes you can become frustrated by not achieving what you want right away. Having the capacity, motivation and patience to push past the difficult and frustrating moments is key to getting better at dirt biking. Never get discouraged by your performance and only envy competitors when it benefits your ambitions. Always strive for something more. Even if the goal seems unreachable, take little steps – make tiny achievements – that make the goal easier to attain.

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