Top 10 Healthy Fall Activities


It’s officially FALL- pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, movie nights- the whole shabang! With cooler temperatures, fresh air, and all of the fun holidays right around the corner, what isn’t there to love about fall? There’s just something about the season of falling leaves and changing colors that make the world seem like a better place. With a new season also comes fun new activities to do, especially ones that will benefit your health and fitness. Take a look at our list of top 10 activities to do this fall that will keep you happy and healthy!

  • Raking leaves: It’s a chore that has to get done, so why not get more out of it? Raking leaves for a half hour can burn up to 400 calories, depending on your weight and speed of raking. Strap on some ankles weights and get your workout in for the day while cleaning up!
  • Corn Maze: Getting lost in the corn maze may put you in panic mode at first, but can actually be beneficial to your health! Walking around a corn maze for an hour can burn 200 calories while getting your blood pumping with the rush of trying to escape.
  • Pick your own apples: Instead of going to the grocery store and getting bland apples, why not go pick your own? Doing something new will motivate you to get off the couch and get moving, and getting a healthy snack isn’t a bad way to spend time. Try going to a tree farm and climbing up on a ladder and picking out the perfect apples. Those apples are going to be full of antioxidants and fiber, which will also help battle against cardiovascular disease and cancer. You’ll also burn about 200 calories while picking apples.
  • Browse a pumpkin patch: Put the weights down and pick up a pumpkin instead! Not only is it fun to walk around a pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect one, but consistently squatting down and bending over picking up these heavy objects is a workout in disguise. In fact, you can burn 270 calories just for doing this for an hour!
  • Go bike riding: Take advantage of the crisp and fresh fall air by going on a bike ride with your family. Bike riding is the perfect aerobic activity, which will improve your heart health as well as your respiratory system. On top of internal benefits, you’re also using your whole body to ride, which means you will be toning and defining every part of your body. You’ll be burning around 90 calories for every 20 minutes you’re riding.
  • Play some football: Get the neighborhood together for a game of touch football; it’ll get you off the couch and burning calories! Studies show that an hour of touch football could burn as many as 472 calories in a 130 lbs woman, and 363 calories for a 155 lbs woman. It makes sense for all of the running, squatting, lunging, and throwing you’re doing.
  • Go horseback riding: There’s not many more activities out there that beat a peaceful stroll through nature on horseback. You get the benefits of being outdoors enjoying the perfect weather while not having to worry about breaking into a sweat or exhaustion. This activity will help strengthen your leg muscles and will also help you burn around 400 calories per hour of riding.
  • Visit your local farmer’s market: Fall is the perfect time for picking out new foods, treats, and things for you and your home. Farmers markets are known for having the freshest and healthiest meats, veggies and fruits because they’re coming straight from the source! Try and make time to go to your local market every Saturday morning to get new and unique items that other stores aren’t going to carry.
  • Try a new autumn recipe: The foods that are in harvest during the fall are awesome and healthy, so cook with them while you can! Take those fruits and veggies you bought at the farmer’s market on Saturday and log on to Pinterest and find some recipes to try. Anyone up for some spaghetti squash? Take a look at our article on our Top 10 Healthy Fall Foods!

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