Top 10 Healthy and Fit Tech Executives


Living in a tech world, it’s easy to rely on technology for almost everything. But even in a busy world, it’s still essential to fit it time to set down the gadgets and exercise. Take it from these tech executives, there’s always time to take care of your health! Here is our list of Top 10 Health and Fit Tech Execs:

Dick Costolo-Twitter


Former CEO of twitter until 2015, Dick Costolo uses exercising to stay focused and energized for work. Passionate about fitness, he enjoys biking, high intensity workouts like SoulCycle, and especially, CrossFit!  And now that he stepped down as CEO, he wants to start up a “software platform that reimagines the path to personal fitness,” according to Created from various activities such as rowing, weightlifting, running, gymnastics and more, CrossFit  combines plethora of different movements for core strength and conditioning. If you’re looking for a motivational and intense exercise regimen, this might be the workout you’ve been missing.

Tim Cook-Apple


This fit CEO of Apple doesn’t use his busy schedule as an excuse for not exercising.  Apparently, after waking up around 4:30 a.m. for emails, he works out at 5 a.m. to start his morning on an active foot. To track his activity throughout the day he, of course, uses his Apple Watch for that. Referring to himself as a  “fitness nut,” he also enjoys being outside hiking or biking. Some health benefits of these activities include heart and immune protection, increased strength, improved mental health and more. As Executive of the world’s largest companies, it’s important to stay fit for the job. Keep it up, Tim Cook!

Julie Smolyansky-Lifeway Foods

As President of Lifeway Foods, which advocates Kefir probiotics providing tons of benefits for one’s well being, Julie Smolyansky not only runs a successful health promoting business but also portrays an active lifestyle in her everyday routines. Kefir lover, marathon runner, mom of 2 little girls, and CEO of Lifeway Foods, Julie is somewhat of a superwoman and makes fitness a priority. By marking a set running time in her calendar she’s able to commit to a workout. According to Shape, her household diet consists of organic foods like fish, whole grains, fruits and veggies. Julie also emphasizes healthy living for her kids and takes them on walks with her.

Mark Cuban-Tech investor


Mark Cuban not only is involved with the business world, but the fitness world as well. As owner of the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, Mark likes to stay active every day by trying “to do cardio for at least an hour, six or seven days a week, knowing I’ll miss a day or two now and then because of travel,” he claims. To keep a workout routine from becoming boring, it’s good to incorporate fun activities into your plan. Just take it from Mark, he’s keeps his workouts fun with basketball, kickboxing, and Latin aerobic classes. He’s a fan of Alyssa’s Cookies, which he enjoys as a healthy but tasty low carb-high fiber treat.

Jack Dorsey-Twitter and Square founder


A little birdie told us that Jack Dorsey enjoys getting a good sweat in regularly, likes his squats and pushups, and went Paleo a couple years ago. Paleo is a great way to cut out the extra processed, grain, and dairy products from your diet. In the mornings, you can find him on the road jogging or by himself meditating. This slim businessman also prefers lemon water over alcohol, except red wine, on the weekdays. And on Saturdays, he prefers a good hike to stay active.

Ruzwana Bashir-PEEK


Take one look at Ruzwana Bashir, and you can already tell she has a healthy glow. This travel expert really has helped so many people on their travel endeavors. But Ruzwana knows firsthand that traveling can get tiring, but it’s no excuse to be lazy! This PEEK CEO likes to stay fit herself with Pilates three times a week and a good night’s rest. According to NBC News, one of her favorite apps is UP, which keeps track of her health, fitness and sleep routines.

Nick Woodman-GoPro

21443484529_cf80253a4b_bAs the inventor of GoPro, it’s obvious that this extreme sports man likes a good challenge. Growing up in California, he enjoyed adventure since the age of 8 when he first found his passion of surfing. He also enjoys skiing in his leisure time, and claims to drink more water than most. Like the waves? Surfing is an awesome workout that will leave you stronger, more flexible, less stressed and more.

Jeff Weiner-Linkedin


Jeff Weiner is a pretty busy guy since he started running the Linkedin world. Even though his schedule is busy all the time, he still takes time out of his day to relax and just reflect, which helps clear his mind. According to Forbes, he believes a happy and healthy life include serving  and loving others, expressing gratitude, honoring the current moment, and self reflection. In this busy world we live in, it’s essential for our mental health to take a breather. So whether that be writing in a journal or relaxing in nature, do it for your health!

Brit Morin-Brit + co


Brit Morin may run a successful media and commerce company in San Francisco, but that’s not the only thing she’s running. In her daily life she loves to incorporate a good jog about two to three times a week. And when she’s not running, she’s incorporating different workouts like hot yoga, spinning, and pilates. She’s also a big fan of the outdoor activities and according to Mindbodygreen, Brit is an advocate of fitness apps like Moves that help track her daily fitness progress. Do you feel inspired yet? We do, you go girl!

Mark Zuckerberg-Facebook


Aside from the Facebook World, Mark Zuckerberg is also friend of health and fitness in his daily life. He enjoys going on runs, and for his New Year’s Revolution he challenged the community to run a mile a day with him! Talk about spreading the motivation! Mark makes sure to get in a good workout at least three times a week. He also only eats meat that he kills himself, and enjoys a mostly vegetarian diet.

Jason Shen-Product Manager of Etsy

A photo posted by Jason Shen (@jasonshen) on

Lover of gymnastics, Jason Shen loves a good workout. According to Men’s Fitness, he likes more extreme workouts. Sprints and burpees are on his list as well as biking and strength training. Not to mention he has a world record for Aztec Pushups! Check out some of his workouts he likes to do here.

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