Top 10 Healthy YouTube Vloggers 2016


Put your procrastination to good use. You’re going to watch YouTube to put off work or studying no matter what, so you mind as well watch something that will benefit your health! These 10 healthy YouTube Vloggers put amazing content on their channels that help you live a healthy lifestyle while being entertaining. So go ahead and subscribe to their channels!

Here are the Top 10 from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic:

HolisticHabits AKA Sarah Nagel

  • This Canadian blogger is a vegetarian and her channel is all about holistic living, healing herbs, recipes for delicious vegetarian meals and desserts. She advocates a healthy lifestyle and has 338,000 followers on her channel.
  • She is a fan of turmeric/ginger milk wich is anti-inflammatory and beautifying
  • Sarah is also into meditation and healing with crystals. Healers, shamans have used healing crystals for centuries and are believed to vibrate at the same pitch as humans which makes for great meditating purposes.

Yoga with Tim

  • Tim Senesi  is an incredibly dedicated yoga fitness blogger that aims for his viewers to build lean muscle, reduce daily aches, and increase flexibility.
  • His passion for yoga led him to create a 30-day challenge program which includes different yoga poses and techniques to truly embark the yoga challenge.
  • His Youtube channel consists of sequences for health like yoga for a normal digestion, how to ease shoulder and/or back pain, and even yoga for beginners.

FullyRaw AKA Kristina Carrillo Bucaram

  • Posts recipes of delicious and fully raw recipes.
  • Is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the US.
  • Kristina’s inspiration for eating raw was when she was able to rid herself of Hyperglycemia at the age of 18 eating nothing but a low-fat raw vegan diet consisting solely of fresh fruits and vegetables with few nuts and seeds.
  • Runs 6-8 miles a day.

The Vegan Zombie AKA Jon Tedd and Chris Cooney

  • Two guys (Jon Tedd and Chris Cooney) host their own vegan cooking show on their Youtube channel.
  • Jon’s most popular uploads for vegan recipes you can cook at home are vegan pizza (made out of dry yeast, flour, sauce, and vegan cheese, tomato sauce), and breakfast burrito (firm tofu, onion, potato, hot sauce, turmeric, and dayla cheese), cheese sticks (breadcrumbs, garlic powder, soymilk, flour, and dayla cheese).
  • This vegan channel has been active since 2009.  
  • Big influencers like youtube health stars and even celebrities can inspire you start a healthy plant-based diet, check out which celebrity has gone vegan here.

Annie Jaffrey

  • Annie is notorious for filming “What I ate in today” videos. She is vegan.
  • In most of her videos, she shows her viewers that she ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, she eats pineapple, lemonade, strawberries, and mango.
  • Aims to have her blog be a positive, creative and inspiring environment where girls can get tips, be entertained and forget about daily stresses.


John Kohler 

  • Is a proponent of the raw foods diet and gardens his own organic fruits/vegetables.
  • Teaches people how to grow their own organic gardens.
  • Is a big fan of cleansing diets and suffered from an immune deficiency.
  • Beleives that if your body doesn’t get enough of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs, it can develop immunodeficiency disorders, which increases the chances of your body catching viruses and infections.


Clean and Delicious AKA Dani Spies 

  • She advocates clean eating and is also a health and weight loss coach. She creates very healthy summer salads and meal prep ideas.
  • She has a “What’s in my fridge?” video where she shows her viewers all of the healthy food items she has inside her personal fridge area.
  • She has several homemade smoothies like strawberry vanilla, green smoothie, and fruit infused waters.


Fitmencook AKA Kevin

  • Kevin says his AHA moment was when he saw a picture of himself on a friends facebook page and realized he had been in denial about his weight gain
  • Said he initially tried to out-train a bad diet until he realized he couldn’t
  • Lost 35 lbs the healthy way over 3 years
  • He has uploaded videos like “What’s in my Kitchen” to show viewers how healthy living can be organized, fun, and live on a budget- most of his videos showcase weekly meal planning for $75.
  • His most recent upload is a seventy-five dollar meal prep plan video where he goes grocery shopping for healthy foods on a budget.
  • Aims build a community around healthy food ideas, as well as to keep himself accountable and motivated.

HealthNutNutrition AKA Nikole

  • HealthNut Nutrition was born out of her love of teaching others and a passion for food, fitness and more.
  • Promotes vegetarian, clean-eating, free from preservatives.
  • Loves food and sharing health knowledge.

The Protein Chef AKA Derek Howes

  • This youtube channel is dedicated to over a decade of research on healthy foods and fitness.
  • What makes The Protein Chef unique is that his columns on health and fitness have been featured on Train Magazine.
  • Consists of segments divided into health tips, recipes, and protein shakes.
  • A fun and healthy version of a pina colada Derek made into his own called “Green Pina Colada Smoothie” has vanilla coconut milk, vanilla extract, pineapple, coconut oil, and ice!

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