Top 10 Most Satisfying Jobs


The right job will give you more than just money. Money isn’t the only important thing to get from your job, there is a level of satisfaction that comes from doing something you love that is rewarding for you and others. We’ve compiled a list of the most satisfying jobs to guide your decision while searching for a job.


Teaching makes the number one spot on our list of most satisfying jobs for many reasons. Teachers witness children making leaps and bounds in learning and facilitate their achievement and progress. Special education teachers have particularly rewarding jobs because they have such an impact on special needs children’s education. These dedicated educators help them achieve their true potential in the face of adversity.

 Personal Trainer

Personal trainers usually enter this line of work with the goal of making their own healthy lifestyle into a career. The motivation for pursuing this career comes from the heart. It is extremely fulfilling when you are able to instruct, motivate, and help other people to live a healthy lifestyle. You also share your knowledge of the body and what it is capable of with your clients to educate them on health and fitness. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect is having the privilege to witness someone improve their confidence and healthy body image with your help.  

Medical Practitioner

Being a medical practitioner is rewarding because you can have bonds with patients and improve their quality of life. Eye surgeons have a particularly exciting job due to the exponential changes that have taken place over the years in vision correction technology. According to eye surgeons, restoring or improving a patient’s vision is one of the most rewarding surgeries you can perform.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are the unsung heroes of many organizations: ask any successful leader how they manage their busy schedules and many will say they wouldn’t be able to do it without their personal assistant. Being a personal assistant might meant that you help the chief CEO achieve more with his time, and after a while you’ll find your position is crucial in arranging the lives of the people you work for, which is intense and fulfilling.  


Gardeners enjoy their jobs because they have the ability to manage their workloads, schedules, and daily tasks autonomously. Additionally, they are given a chance to use and hone their skills each day in a job that allows a vast scope of creativity. There is ample demand for gardeners in nearly every part of the country. Jobs range from running greenhouses to designing and building elaborate plantings or overseeing vast estates. Training in horticulture can also lead to floral design, conservation, and even psychotherapy where you use plants to soothe your patients.


Engineers are happy with their careers because their job allows a reasonable work/life balance with good hours, travel time, versatile locations, and colleagues that they enjoy working with. While being an engineer can present many challenges, the work is interesting, engaging, and pays well too.

Construction Worker

Construction is an industry that has many walks of life with people working in offices to people working on site. Creating something from scratch is rewarding, and it is fulfilling for construction workers to see the physical results of their labor. While construction can be extremely manual labor-intensive, many construction workers report job satisfaction thanks to the good relationship they have with their colleagues.   

Executive Chef

Executive chefs run the kitchen. They create menus, order supplies and keep track of inventory among many other responsibilities. Their line of work gives chefs a creative outlet and a chance to make an impact in their community. Many executive chefs pride themselves on training their teams and keep it running smoothly because they are also in charge of inventory and ordering supplies.   

Property Manager

The responsibilities of a property manager include but are not limited to: planning, directing, and coordinating the selling, leasing, or buying of real estate properties.  People who work as property managers report a feeling of fulfillment when they are able to help their clients find the perfect home, and many enjoy the interaction with their clients.  


When you think of nursing, you may get the image of stressed out ER nurses rushing around in a frenzy. This isn’t always necessarily the case, especially when it comes to nurses that work in children’s hospices. Hospice nurses are less rushed and are able to do fun activities with the children under their care. At cosmetic surgery centers, people go in desperately unhappy with a physical feature, so it is rewarding to see patients looking and feeling confident at their follow-ups.

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