Top 10 Tips to Stay Motivated


What did you want to be when you were a kid? Did you stick to your dreams or get distracted along the way? What about your New Years’ Eve resolution – did you follow through on it or ditch it after a week or two? Staying focused and motivated isn’t easy. Life has a way of separating you from your goals, but there are ways you can fight back and stay on track. We have assembled a list of the top 10 ways to stay motivated so you can enact all the positive change you want in your life.


  • Make a list of reasons you want to accomplish the goal:

Write a list with a pen. Studies show that when we write by hand and connect letters manually, the brain becomes more active.

  • Break the goal down into smaller pieces and set small targets:

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, and personal development coach says, “A major source of stress in our lives comes from the feeling that we have an impossible number of things to do. If you do take on a project and try to do the whole thing all at once, you’re going to be overwhelmed.”

  • Visualize what you want:

You will get what you want, expect something great to happen everyday and it will. If you tell yourself aloud in the mirror you can expect to have a better mood.

  • Read and listen to positive information:

Fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, it will keep you motivated. Get constant reminders telling yourself you are capable of achievement.

  • Be with positive people as often as possible:  

Negative people will have you focused on all the wrong things and may take your focus off your goals. Seek out with positive people and create positive conversations.

  • Rehearse your victories:  

Designate a token of achievement that you can carry with you to remind yourself that you’re a winner.

  • Learn from your mistakes- not repeat them:

Conduct regular self-evaluations and examine how you handled situations and what you could do differently next time.

  • Stop worrying about what you can’t have:

Some things we can’t control. Refuse to worry about circumstances beyond your control.

  • Build a supportive team:

Having a great supportive team to help you is crucial to your success. You’d be surprised at what you and your team can achieve when you are all motivating each other. Exchanging ideas can help you succeed in your goals and expand your mind with knowledge.


  • Make it fun:

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Find a way to make your task interesting and enjoyable. Depending on how you look at it, you can have fun doing just about any task. Ask yourself a couple of questions and as long as you learn how to have realistic expectations, any task can be fun.

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