Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Workout this Summer


We all know how hard it can be to leave your air conditioned home to go outside for a run, but I promise you there are ways to get your summer workout in without suffering a heat stroke! All it takes is a little planning and some cooperation with mother nature. Here are our top 10 ways to get a successful summer workout even in the most intense heat and humidity:

  • Hydrate: if this wasn’t the obvious first choice! How can your body work to it’s full ability if it’s not properly hydrated? Not only that, but we dehydrate so much quicker when it’s hot. Constantly carry a bottle of water with you, and set reminders on your phone to drink every hour!
  • Take advantage of all the fashion we have at our fingertips: almost every store now carries their own athletic apparel, and almost all of it is very high quality! Invest in some wicking fabric, similar to Nike’s “Dri-Fit”. This fabric lets your body breathe easier and release the natural heat you build up during exercise.
  • Work around the heat: it’s common sense that if you’re planning a run for tomorrow, you should probably plan to head out of the house at 6 AM instead of 6 PM, where the sun and heat are at its peak of hotness. If your schedule only allows you to work out in the afternoon, invest in a gym with lots of air conditioning and showers.
  • Listen to your body: if you’re tired, STOP! You’ll be doing more harm than good to keep pushing yourself. This can lead you to dehydration, heat stroke, and fainting. That extra mile isn’t worth risking your health!
  • Salt is your friend! Make sure you are taking in lots of electrolytes to boost your stamina and keep yourself hydrated while taking care of your body. Gatorade, anyone?
  • With the heat comes sun, so remember to always put on sunscreen, even if you’re only going to be outside for a few minutes. It’s suggested to wear at least 45 SPH to make sure your skin stays flawless and healthy!
  • Use the heat to your advantage: research has shown that “cyclists have improved their performance in the heat, and have learned to perform better in cooler climates”. Learning how to perform in different temperatures will help you in the future to never have to compromise exercise with your current weather.
  • Food IS your friend! While exercising, replenish your body with nutrients to keep going. Try eating fruits like grapes and strawberries that will quench your thirst and get rid of that growl in your tummy! 
  • Have a backup plan: if it’s 105 degrees with humidity, find another way to get your workout in. Go sign up for a day pass at the local gym, or find ways to work on arms in your living room. Taking laps around a mall racks up some miles real quick!
  • Talk to the doc! If you’re unsure about working out in the heat, ask the professionals. Also, if you’re currently taking over-the-counter medicines or prescriptions, they can intensify the effects of hot weather on your body. Medicines like antidepressants can alter the way your body reacts to danger, so just remember that a workout isn’t worth wrecking your body.

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