The Top 13 Fittest Heads of State for 2016


In compiling a list of the Top Fittest Heads of State 2016, the team at Health Fitness Revolution, along with its founder Samir Becic, four-time No. 1 Fitness Trainer in the world, aim to alert other world leaders to be more physically fit and active in order to represent their countries in the best light for the 21st century. “I’m extremely pleased that our list is making national and international news and is becoming a real motivation for world leaders. This is our third annual list and I hope by the time our fourth list is released, many more world leaders will join. Let’s fight for a healthier, fitter, and safer world!”-Samir Becic

This is our third annual list, and previous year’s lists of fittest world leaders was featured in the most prominent national and international media.

The leaders on this list not only lead healthy lifestyles themselves, but also promote within their leadership roles to their constituents. The following was all taken into consideration: fitness level, nutritional habits, age, their own medical issues and how they coped with them, and especially involvement and promotion of healthy lifestyle within their country. We are the first to do this list and we are trying to use it to promote a healthy lifestyle worldwide.

It is difficult to determine which head of state is the fittest because fitness has different elements that are equally important. We used a combination of interviews, websites, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as a world-renowned fitness trainer.

Here are the 2016 Fittest Heads of State:

Malcolm Turnbull, 61- Prime Minister Australia


  • In 2012, lost 14kg by “being less greedy” and taking chinese herbs from an alternative medicine doctor
  • Mr Turnbull told reporters his weight loss secret “may seem like a penetrating glimpse of the obvious, but it is an insight that most of us ignore because it is too painful”.
  • “The way to lose weight is to eat less, so I ate a lot less for a month and lost a lot of weight pretty quickly.”
  • Has said that he feels much more energy since his weight loss, and he the fast made him realize he is in control of how own body and can control his appetite.
  • He tried to exercise daily and succeeds to do so about 5 or 6 times a week. He rides around Lake Burley Griffin or rows on a machine when parliament sits.
  • In Sydney, he swims and kayaks in summer and during winter he rows and does pilates occasionally.
  • He also walks a lot with his wife Lucy.
  • Samir Becic: “I’m actually positively surprised that Australia has now chosen two back to back leaders who are both fit and active. The previous Prime Minister Abbott was among the fittest world leaders in 2015 and current Prime Minister Turnbull is also a great example to the people of Australia. Superb choice Australians! Malcolm Turnbull is a great example to everyone as proof that even in your late 50s, you can begin a healthy lifestyle and be successful.”


King Felipe VI, 47- King of Spain


  • Received military training at the General Military Academy, the Military Naval School in Marin, and the General Air Force Academy in San Javier
  • Member of the Olympic Sailing team at the Barcelona Games in 1992
  • Made our lists of Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015Fittest European Royals, and Fittest European Heads of State
  • Samir Becic: “King Felipe is a very tall man at 6’6″, and being as fit as he is, he is a great example of strength, dynamism and energy for the country of Spain especially during these politically and economically trying times.”


King Philippe Maria, 55- Belgium


  • Was a fighter pilot and parachutist
  • Named Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces
  • Vice-Admiral of the Navy
  • Those around him say that his two favorite hobbies are studying man in the modern world and exercising to keep his body fit
  • Loves winter sports such as skiing
  • Made our list of Fittest European Royals and Fittest European Heads of State
  • Samir Becic: “I regret not putting him on our Fittest Heads of State list for 2015 because he is a great example of a fit, strong, elegant, and powerful king for the people of Belgium. Congratulations to the Belgians for having such a fit king, I hope that the differences that they have within their country will be minimized by this new king.”


Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 35- Current King of Bhutan


  •  Is an avid basketball player and is currently trying to make it a national sport
  • Jigme Singye Wangchuck stopped playing goalie in soccer when he realized that none of the players dared to knock one past the future King of Bhutan. So he switched to a more egalitarian sport: basketball, where the game’s fast pace and sharp elbows tend to blur any distinction between royalty and commoners.
  • The King is also known to meditate, which helps keep him calm- an important aspect of health
  • Made our 2014 List of Fittest Heads of State and our Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic: “King Wangchuck is making our list for the 3rd year in a row and if he continues on this path of health and fitness, he will continue making future lists as well. I hope that this physical powerhouse can be a great push for Bhutan’s economy.”


Justin Trudeau, 43- Prime Minister Canada

Justin Trudeau

  • In 2012, as a Member of Parliament, he took on conservative Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau in a three-round match for charity. The heavier Brazeau, was a 3-1 favorite in Canadian media thanks to his military and martial arts background. But Trudeau, with his longer reach and greater stamina, claimed a technical knock out in the third round (there’s a video)
  • Trudeau has trained with boxing workouts for years and was even taking in weekly sessions during the recent campaign.
  • Has said ‘Boxing is as much about receiving hits as giving them.’
  • Boxes once a week as a stress reliever.
  • Snowboards.
  • Climbed the demanding Grouse Grind outside Vancouver. Supporters and journalists were left behind as Trudeau sped to the top of the 853-metre peak. He logged an impressive time of 54 minutes, while most amateurs are lucky to do it in 90 minutes.
  • Canoes.
  • Enjoys the great outdoors.
  • Samir Becic: “What a positive refreshment for Canada! Justin Trudeau is clearly one of the fittest political leaders in the world. I’m looking forward to sparring with him in the near future!”


Lee Hsien Loong, 63- Prime Minister of Singapore


  • Recently joined hundreds of health enthusiasts in the annual Great Singapore Workout
  • At the event, also unveiled a series of new initiatives for health promotion in Singapore
  • Has been seen wearing the Jawbone Up fitness tracker
  • “Each person has to take responsibility for his own health. We must each watch our weight, eat healthily and exercise regularly, and avoid smoking.”
  • Eats lots of fruit
  • Made our Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic: “Singapore is such a small country yet perfectly organized. I am not surprised that they have such a disciplined, focused, and physically fit leader.”


Abdullah II, 53- King of Jordan

king abduallh 2 360_64

  • Huge fan of sports
  • Enjoys sky diving, scuba diving, and soccer
  • Has an award and initiative to encourage physical fitness among students as an integral component of good health and intellectual development
  • Believes fitness enhances self-confidence, competitiveness and the a student’s desire for self-development and skill potential
  • Made our Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic: “King Abdullah is a refreshing change among the Arab heads of state in terms of physical fitness and health. No wonder that he is so determined and has a firm stance in making Jordan, which is a small country, a powerhouse. His wife, Queen Raniaalso made both our Fittest Royals list, proving that if both partners are health conscious, it is easier for them to maintain it and they are a great example to Jordanian families.”

Barack Obama, 54- President of the United States of America

Barack Obama by Nitin Vadukul for Newsweek - 12/20/2004

  • Works out daily and his wife, Michelle Obama and their two daughters are equally conscious for their health.
  • Eats healthy food and makes sure his family is very healthy as well
  • Alternate resistance training
  • Plays basketball regularly
  • Devotes four days a week to weight training
  • Obama has been vocal about his opinion that workouts are the best way to bring harmony between your body and mind.
  • Made our 2014 List of Fittest Heads of State and our Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic: “President Obama, I challenged you to 25 #PushUpsEverywhere, please accept to promote health within this great nation. President Obama is the first US President to put a basketball court in the Whitehouse and has made our lists the past 3 years. He is also married to a very fit first lady Michelle Obama, who is doing a fantastic job promoting health and fitness in America.”


Benjamin Netanyahu, 66- Prime Minister of Israel


  • Asked his ministers to “stop overeating, start exercising,” encouraging many to slim down
  • Instructed that healthier fare be offered during cabinet meetings
  • Dropped 5 kg (11 pounds) by maintaining a balanced diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables
  • Snacks on lettuce and carrots during meetings
  • Jogs twice a week on a treadmill
  • Walks a lot
  • Made our list of Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic: “One thing that impresses me about Prime Minister Netanyahu is that he makes his ministers health conscious and emphasizes healthy lifestyle as a part of their duties. No wonder that Israel’s military is notoriously fit.”


Tayyip Erdoğan, 61- President of Turkey


  • Ex semi-professional soccer player
  • Jogging
  • Calisthenics
  • Resistance training
  • Made our list of Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic:“Under Erdogan, Turkey has become and international player. His discipline in sports has molded him into a successful leader of his country. I’m looking forward to the Turkish people implementing a healthier lifestyle, like their President.”


Vladimir Putin, 63- President of Russia


  • Practices martial art of judo
  • Putin began training in Sambo (a martial art that originated in the Soviet Union) at the age of 14, before switching to judo, which he continues to practice today.
  • Is a master in martial arts, earning master of sports in Sambo
  • 6th dan black belt in Kyokushin kaikan
  • He has actively competed in sports since 1966
  • Also horseback rides, alpine skis, plays badminton, cycles, plays hockey, and fishes.
  • Promotes health within Russia, aiming to make it a priority for its citizens
  • Made our 2014 List of Fittest Heads of StateTop 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015, and Fittest European Heads of State
  • Samir Becic:“What can you say about Putin? You may hate him or love him, but he is clearly one of the fittest heads of state in the world. You name the sport and he does it. It clearly reflects the new Russian expansion.”


Henri, 60- current Grand Duke of Luxembourg


  • He is a career military man, undertaking his military officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurt, England.
  • Is a member of the International Olympic Committee, a member of The Mentor Foundation (established by the World Health Organization).
  •  He does regular fitness exercises and maintains a healthy lifestyle which aided him on his journey to recovery from certain genetic ailments.
  • Made our 2014 List of Fittest Heads of State, Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015, Fittest European Royals, and Fittest European Heads of State
  • Samir Becic: “Henri is a clear example of a fit royal who has been so his whole life, aiding him in fighting some health issues he has had to face in the past.”


Enrique Peña Nieto, 49- President of Mexico


  • Big advocate of fitness
  • Urges all Mexicans to workout for an hour a day, even if it is simply walking.
  • He recently ran a 10K in an effort to motivate the country to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • He urges the Mexican people to have a balanced diet and be consistently exercising, doing any kind of sport they’d like, but playing a sport.
  • Made our 2014 List of Fittest Heads of State and Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Samir Becic:“I am actually glad that the current fattest country in the world has a health-conscious President. I hope that his determination in promoting healthy lifestyle in Mexico will be successful. With a powerful and fit President in office, the military and police will be more efficient in fighting crime.” 


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