Top 5 Health Benefits of Engaging in Community Service


Community service ensures that our neighborhoods, local businesses, and living environment are well taken care of. Community service is more than just an addition to your resume, it is a sense of hope and responsibility to make sure we are taking care of our environment and neighbors. Engaging in community service can make one appreciate their environment. There are many health benefits to engaging in community service.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Engaging in Community Service:

Build Relationships/Networking– Engaging in community service can help build relationships and networking skills. For instance, it can help with meeting new people, being more social, or learning more about your community. Being active in community service could open more doors to other opportunities that you may have never imagined.

Create Work Experience– Not only will community service build relationships, but it is a great way to gain work experience, as well. This is a great tool to get youth more active and prepared for their future career by establishing professionalism and hard work within their community.

Boost Positivity– Doing something for others is a selfless act, and serving the community and connecting with others will give you a positive feeling on the inside. Community service makes you appreciate and value the hard work you put in knowing that it will make a difference in your environment. There is no greater feeling than knowing that your actions help others, as well as yourself, in a positive way.

Establish Leadership and Responsibility– It takes strong leaders to make a difference in their community. Leadership creates a platform to be a role model for those around you, and to show the importance and responsibility of taking action to serve in the community.

Increase Physical Activity– Community service makes you more active so that you can explore the environment around you.

In case you are curious about what type of community service there is to do around our neighborhood, just do some research. There is always something that can be done to keep your community thriving. Also, here are a few ideas that you can do on your own or with others:

  • Park Cleanup: Take a stroll through the park while picking up trash to make sure it stays clean and healthy for families to enjoy. Also, you get some physical activity in while doing so.
  • Neighborhood Clean Up: Connect with neighbors and walk around the block to pick up any trash and make sure your neighborhood is clean.
  • Neighborhood Recycle Day: Recycling is a great way to keep a clean environment locally and nationally. You and a group of friends can go door to door and collect recycled items from neighbors. This will also make neighbors more conscious about recycling.
  • Community Gardening: Creating a community garden can be beneficial to you and your surrounding neighbors. It will make food more accessible to those who are underprivileged and it is an inexpensive way to get produce for your kitchen.


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