Want To Turn Around An Unproductive Day? Take a Hike.


We all have those days when the work day morning seems to be crawling by, we’re unproductive, unfocused and have lost all energy. But one simple lunchtime fix can help get you back on track. And it’s as easy as taking a 30-minute stroll. Take a hike.

Researchers have found that a short, relaxing walk can have immediate benefits that lift one’s mood, reduce stress and increase motivation and a positive attitude for the rest of the day. During the study, participants were asked to walk for 30 minutes during their lunch break three days a week, then answer a series of questions about their mood immediately after. The other two days of the work week, they did not walk, but still answered questions at the same time of day.

Researchers noticed that responses after a walk indicated that the participants felt more enthusiastic, less tense and more relaxed through the rest of the afternoon compared to their mood before the walk. In addition, the volunteers improved their aerobic fitness and health after 10 weeks of walking.

So next time you’re not feeling your best, take a 30-minute break and go for a walk. You might be surprised how much better you feel afterward.

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