Ways to Avoid Gym Injuries While Training


Whether you’re training for a fun run, a swim-a-thon, a marathon, a long biking race, or even a triathlon, training for SOMETHING is always a good way to push your body and stay focused with a goal in mind.  However, training regularly for the same sport can lead to injuries, so here are HFR’s tips to avoid gym injuries while training:

  •  Don’t Go For Both Distance and Speed Right Away:  Trying to go longer and faster simultaneously is a dangerous combination.  First, focus on building distance and endurance.  Once you feel comfortable at desired distance, slowly build speed over several sessions.  The key is to get your body to adapt to the distance, then you can start stepping up your pace.
  • Don’t Skip Warming Up:  you must ease into training. Give your muscles, heart, and body some time to warm up – especially if your muscles are already tired from training regularly.  It is better to finish your workout strong than be mediocre throughout because you skipped taking it slow at the start.
  • Recognize Pain and Respond To It: We all know the feeling of being tired and sore after a particularly long or hard workout. It’s important, though, that you recognize the difference between that feeling and actual pain.  Soreness should gradually dissipate throughout the workout; if a muscle starts to tighten up more or hurt more, that’s pain— and that’s when you need to stop.  Remember, injury will only set you back in your training – so resting before you get injured is important.
  • Listen to Your Body Rather than the Program:  Even if your program dictates a certain distance, speed, or heart rate for the day’s workout, make sure you’re checking in with yourself and confirming that your body can handle it.  Listening to your body is one of the most important traits of being a good athlete.  Some days you will be able to push hard, while others, you might not be feeling as well and that’s okay.
  • Training Doesn’t End After the Workout:  Your nutrition—especially post-workout—will have a huge impact on how you’re feeling from one day to the next and how you train.  Stay very well hydrated with water, and eat enough protein for your body to repair its muscles.  The healthier you eat, the better you will feel and be able to perform throughout training and on the big day!


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