10 Health Benefits of Building LEGOs


Are you sick of doing the same thing every day? The monotony of waking up, working, having dinner, and watching the same shows on Netflix? Maybe you’ve tried to pick up a new hobby or don’t know where to start looking for one. Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch and you can look into kits at different craft stores… you may even stumble upon a favorite from the past, Legos! With a variety of sets, themes, and colors the possibilities are endless. Not only can building Legos be your new hobby, but they can also improve different aspects of your life. We’ve talked about the benefits of Board Games so, here are 10 Benefits of Building Legos:

Improved Problem Solving Skills 

Problem-solving skills are valued in many different areas. You carry them with you to work, school, and beyond. When putting together Legos you are required to utilize those skills. With the trial and error, it takes to construct your masterpiece you’re forced to find solutions in different ways to accomplish this task. This makes for improved problem-solving!

Lowered Stress Levels

When have you ever felt stressed or overwhelmed doing something enjoyable? Sounds nearly impossible, doesn’t it? Think about how much peace it brings you to sit down and create a fun puzzle. Lower stress levels also bring nothing but positive health benefits. This small study looked beyond the conventional and enjoying the art of play, adults are able to use “toys” (specifically LEGOs) as a method of escape and relaxation.

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Improved Mood 

Imagine the feeling that comes with accomplishing a goal. It’s one that comes with positivity and accomplishment. After finishing the set of your choosing you get to admire not only the set being completed but also the feeling of accomplishment. This study shows that a group of students who built legos reported improved mood and lower levels of stress.

Confidence Building

After successfully completing your Lego set you’ll be happy to physically see an accomplishment. When you have your set on display to see it every day, it becomes a constant reminder that you can accomplish anything, even the little things. According to a three-year retrospective study on the long-term effects of Lego therapy, published in Autism in 2006, children who had done Lego therapy showed significant improvements in social interaction compared with the control group.

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Increased Attention to Detail 

With all the little bits and pieces of Legos, it’s easy to overlook one step that can hinder the completion of your set. When trying to complete your Lego set it forces you to pay closer attention to detail. This is helpful to apply to every aspect of life. 

Improved Memory

When you solve puzzles, it helps reinforce those connections between your brain cells. It can also increase the generation of new relationships between those cells. Puzzles and problem solving are also a good way to improve short-term memory. 

 Can Help Delay Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

Keeping your brain busy and active can help delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Studies show that if you keep your mind active with problem-solving activities can help reduce the brain cell damage that happens.  

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An Activity to do with your Partner 

Do you feel that you and your partner need to spend more quality time together? Are you trying to accomplish this without just going out to eat and watching a movie at home together? Building a Lego set together can help the two of you bond and spend more quality time together. 

Increased IQ 

Did you know that problem-solving activities can provide improvements to memory and reasoning in general? Due to giving your brain this workout, you can raise your IQ (Intelligence Quotient). 

Improved Hand Eye Coordination

While paying attention to detail with all the bits and pieces, it can become a delicate dance putting all the pieces together. Luckily, practice makes perfect, and with practice an improved hand eye coordination. 

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