10 ways (and more) Mayor Sylvester is keeping Houston safe during COVID-19

Source: Mayor Sylvester Turner Instagram

As COVID-19 continues gripping our nation, our Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (who is known for working non-stop) is doing his best to mitigate it’s spread and “flatten the curve”. We have compiled a list of tweets that are relevant to slowing the progression of the Coronavirus.

Being Houston-based, but having a global reach, the HFR team has researched how COVID-19 has affected various countries across the world (we are an international team that can research in multiple languages) and created dozens of articles to make social distancing a little easier, more active, and more fun at home

 HFR founder Samir Becic has been following world news since the start of the outbreak and has very encouraging things to say about Mayor Turner and the city’s actions at slowing the spread of the virus. “Measures put in place by Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City’s leadership are a great balance between keeping citizens safe and maintaining essential businesses. I believe that they’re doing a great job given the circumstances, especially since I’ve been staying updated on other major cities’ responses. I’m asking all Houstonians to follow the advice given to the best of their abilities because long-term, this will save lives.” says Samir.

Mayor Turner is encouraging a sense of community during this time

Urging people to stay home during Easter weekend

Asking everyone to continue social distancing

Requesting more PPE for underserved communities

Mayor Sylvester Turner is holding daily news conferences to update citizens

Mayor Turner is helping healthcare workers get access to childcare

The City took down basketball nets, closed restrooms, and water fountains to promote social distancing and slow the spread of the virus

Mayor Turner is recognizing the efforts of and cheering on healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who are critical to keeping the city healthy, safe, and running

The City of Houston continues to feed children while schools are closed

Promoting self-care during this stressful time

Extending the #StayHomeWorkSafe order until April 30th to #flattenthecurve

Broadcasts are also in Spanish so more people can hear information from the city

He’s visiting grocery stores and local businesses to promote donating goods to Houstonians in need

He’s being proactive in finding more beds for COVID-19 patients

Promoting healthy lifestyle while social distancing at home

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