5 Therapeutic and Healthy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health


As the number of Americans affected by mental illness continues to grow at an increase of more than 30 percent, the topic of mental health is quickly becoming an issue that needs to be addressed in society. In order to educate the public on how to fight this sometimes fatal condition, Health Fitness Revolution has researched five of the best therapeutic ways to improve your mental health.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a great way to promote healing and wellness. Research shows that millions of people over the past 2,000 years have reported that some type of meditation has improved their mental health and ability to focus and process information. Mediation has been reported to improve stress, enhance your wellbeing, and also treat anxiety. There are different types of meditation, such as yoga, acupuncture, Chinese cupping, Tai chi, and so much more. Individuals have shown changes in the EEG pattern in cerebral blood flow when meditating.

  • Talking to Someone

People with mental illness often keep things inside and bottled up. Mental illness does not have a face and at times individuals can live with this disease and the fear of being judged. In general, speaking about your emotions to someone is a form of meditation, as it allows you to release stress. Mental Health America explains helpful tips on how to talk to someone who is dealing with mental health and what to avoid in order not to trigger them or cause more harm than good.

  • Working Out  

Exercising is a great tool for improving mental illness due to the increase in energy, blood flow, and improved focus it brings. Health Fitness Revolution put together a list of the Top 10 Ways Fitness Improves Your Mental Health.

  • Spiritual Healing

When it comes to mental health, spiritual healing can be effective for individuals who are spiritual or find comfort in religious practices. Connecting with your spirituality provides reassurance and hope during hard times. Many psychiatrists believe that religion is important in the lives of their patients because research shows that religion helps individuals cope with many stresses in life.

  • Self-Care

It is important to remember that you are No. 1 and you come first no matter what. Self-care is very important in maintaining not only mental health but physical health as well. This can include taking the day out to do something for yourself, or maintaining the overall homeostasis you need to ensure that you are doing things that benefit your mind. Taking care of yourself can mean a number of things from meditation, traveling, grooming or just doing something that simply makes you smile and laugh more. Studies show that laughing decreases pain and helps the muscles relax.

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