5 Tips To Stay Motivated and Mitigate Fatigue During COVID-19


During the epidemic of COVID-19, it may be difficult not to want the “normalcy” of our world back as soon as possible. However, as stay at home orders and other policies increase, we must all accept the fact that most of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. No matter who you are, whether you are a student, a working individual, or stuck at home simply because you have to be, the feelings of fatigue and lack of motivation can occasionally creep in to ruin your productive plans. Following these 5 tips will greatly benefit both your physical and mental health so that you can stay happy, motivated, and healthy during this time of the unknown. 

Set small daily goals for yourself

With so much time on your hands, it’s hard not to make big plans and goals while you’re stuck at home. You may want to learn how to play the guitar, learn how to bake a cake, or lose 50 pounds during your time in quarantine, which is great! However, making smaller goals everyday rather than trying to get everything done at once will allow you to make time for yourself, as well as the mandatory work you must do. These are not normal times right now and it’s important to recognize that your productivity may not be at its peak, but staying motivated is imperative so that your goals can be accomplished without the stress and pressure you place upon yourself.

Prioritize your mental health

With so many different anxieties about yourself and the rest of the world during this time, staying focused on what you need to do during the day is difficult. Although it is important to stay on top of your work and double check your agenda everyday, you must also allow time for yourself and do whatever makes you feel calm and happy, whether it be going for a run, reading a book, or simply cuddling up on the couch and watching your favorite movie. Avoiding late nights and not overwhelming yourself with the news everyday are just a couple steps you can take to being a happier and less anxious person right now. If you are not keeping up with your mental health, your productivity levels will not be any better either, which results in COVID-19 fatigue and a sense of loneliness. 

Find ways to socially interact

By now, I’m sure most of us have become accustomed to the various forms of video chatting and social distance techniques available to use for contacting your friends and family. Although time to yourself during this time is important for self reflection and relaxation, socially interacting with others will greatly benefit your mood while giving you something productive and fun to do with your day. Whether it’s sitting on a Zoom call with your grandparents or having a tailgate in the parking lot with your friends, the opportunities for social interaction are always there. 

Exercise in your free time

When you barely have enough motivation to get out of the bed in the morning, putting on your tennis shoes and exercising is a whole other feat. However, while your favorite restaurant and movie theaters may be closed, the outdoors is not! No matter your age, there are both mental and physical health benefits to exercises such as walks, runs, weightlifting, cardio and more. Exercising consistently will help strengthen your immune system while providing structure and satisfaction to your daily life, as well as causing both improved sleep and productivity. 

Be okay with being less productive

Right now, nobody’s life is normal and frankly, our entire future is unknown. There may be the occasional days when you wake up and complete all of your goals by the end of the day, but that is not always the case. The most important thing to do while at home right now is prioritize. Sure, that Netflix show is begging you to finish its second season, but your work and physical health are more important than that. If you can correctly prioritize what needs to be done every day by setting small goals for yourself, you will always have time for relaxation and time to yourself. You may not always finish every single goal for every day, and that’s okay! We are all still attempting to adjust and everyone is in an unknown phase in their lives, so beating yourself down will only make matters worse. 

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