5 Way to Increase Hydration in the Summer Heat


After months of being cooped inside, everyone is spending lots of time outdoors this summer. Whether attending your workout in your backyard, heading for a walk in the park, or laying by the pool spending time outdoors is crucial to maintain proper health- so is maintaining hydration. However in the heat of the summer months, its important to take precautions to avoid dehydration. Some warning signs of dehydration are dry mouth, fatigue, headache, minimal sweating, muscle cramps, and dizziness. Keep track of these symptoms in yourself, children, and the elderly that are around to you hold everyone accountable. Here are 5 tips to increase your hydration this summer and enjoy your time outdoors.

Hydration Tip 1: Drink Coconut Water

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In addition to regular water, it’s important to provide your body with adequate nutrients that are commonly lost when you sweat. The drink will enlighten your summer attitude with its tropical flavor while rehydrating you (I personally like mine over ice). Coconut water contains high potassium levels electrolytes to avoid cramping and fatigue.

Hydration Tip 2: Eat More Fruit

Approximately 20% of your daily fluid intake comes from food alone. Therefore it is crucial to feed your body lots of foods that contain high water content especially in the summer months. One of the best foods to do this is fruits! Not only is it super refreshing but it is optimal to eat its harvest summer season.

Hydration Tip 3: Carry a UV Track Sensor

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The level of UV rays from the sun is important to measure during the peak summer months. A person should limit their exposure to UV rays to preserve skin health and premature aging. There is also a direct correlation to excess UV exposure and increase hydration. A UV sensor should be carried with you measure the UV exposure in your area.

Hydration Tip 4: Moisturize your Skin with Sunscreen

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Your skin is roughly 64% water, that means transepidermal water loss (evaporation of water from the skin) can happen much more aggressively in hot weather and cause dehydration. Applying moisture to the skin can slow this process and maintain proper hydration. A sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 will be most ideal. La Roche Posay has an effective sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and is water resistant. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours that you are outdoors!

Hydration Tip 5: Avoid Drinking Alcohol in Excess

While some may find this tough to hear, alcohol ingestion causes the body to become dehydrated. This is due to the decreased production of the antidiuretic hormone, a hormone that helps absorb water. The loss of fluid caused by this can alarming especially when exposed to extreme heats. Instead, go for you favorite alcoholic beverages but make them the virgin version to increase hydration! However, if you find yourself consuming alcohol, make sure to that for every alcoholic beverage you consume, have a glass of water with it to compare dehydration.

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