6 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Workout Routine During Quarantine


Is the gym still closed or don’t feel comfortable going yet? Are you still confined to your house? Are you struggling to stay motivated to be active? Lack of motivation is common, but it is especially prominent during these times while we are stuck in the house and have limited places to go. Working out at home may easily be the first thing removed from your daily routine, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips on how to maintain your workout routine while quarantining:

  • Find an app with workouts: Why waste time creating workouts? Leave it to the experts so that you can save time and feel confident that you are getting in an effective workout. Read our article on companies offering free workouts during COVID-19 here
  • Workout on the same schedule as before: Are you normally a workout-before-your-day-starts type of person? Well, don’t change that even though you are working out from home! Maintaining the same schedule plays a huge role in your motivation and dedication to working out. Similarly, if you usually workout legs on Tuesday, then still do that at home!
  • Don’t be defeated with no equipment: A lot of people do not have access to gyms or equipment so they stop exercising. However, bodyweight training is very effective and you can still improve your fitness. Check out our article on exercises that involve little or no equipment here. All you need for an effective workout is your body!
  • Make it into a challenge: Feeling less motivated? There is nothing like a challenge to jumpstart your journey towards reaching your goals. Contact a few friends and create a workout challenge. It can be something simple like who burns more calories each day or who works out longer.
  • Prioritize it: Account for a workout in your daily plan and make it a priority to yourself. This way, you can make sure that you reserve time for exercise and can work the rest of your day around it. 
  • Get outdoors: Every quarantine workout does not have to be an intense hour-long event. Rather, it can simply be walking or running around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. Going outdoors and getting fresh air can relieve stress and rejuvenate your brain. Read our article about the benefits and some activities you can do outdoors while still social distancing here.

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