7 Reasons to Try an Adult Coloring Book


Art is a means of self-expression and therapy helps to aid/mend a mind that is overwhelmed, confused, or troubled. When combined, you get art therapy which together helps a person to discover their emotions, conflicts in life, and be able to de-stress and manage all that negative energy. Not only is coloring a creative outlet to release stress, it can also be a fun pastime! There’s so much you can do with coloring, so why not make the most of it? Here we have listed the reasons why you need to incorporate adult coloring books into your daily life.

  • Carl Jung prescribed it

Psychologist Carl Jung initially prescribed coloring as a treatment (through mandalas). He believed that the study of the mandala was a good way to discover the self and also help with relaxation.

  • Self- Expression

Deciding on a color, and looking at the shapes and drawing within the lines replaces the negative thoughts with enjoyable ones. This calming activity allows the brain to rest, acting as an outlet for individuals.

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Anxiety begins with us being too focused on one project, but taking a break for as little as two minutes can break that cycle of anxiety and stress.

  • Focus

In today’s society, being able to multitask your to-do list is the key to excel. Sometimes, it is good to know when to stop and take a break and “zone-out”. Similar to medication, coloring lets us relax without thinking and focus on just coloring.

  • Simply having fun

Whether you consider yourself the next up and coming Picasso or on the same skill level of a 2-year-old, adult coloring books is a low-pressure activity that helps you to color at your own level. Coloring helps to eliminate comparing and to focus on what you like.

  • Activating both parts of the cerebral hemisphere

According to psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala, coloring involves both logical thinking and being creative. We spark up the analytical part of our brain when choosing which shape/pattern we want to color, and when choosing a specific color activates the creative side of the brain. This coordination helps both areas to control fine motor skills.

  • Takes adults back to childhood memories.

Coloring as adults brings back the stress-free life of being a kid. It can also produce a positive outlook towards the future.


Here is a template you can print out today and start coloring!

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