America’s Most Glamorous Socialites Living A Not So Healthy Lifestyle


Living an extravagant lifestyle in high society can have its benefits ranging from celeb-filled Super Bowl private parties, extraordinary Charity Galas, all the way to wild parties on luxury yachts. Walking red carpets in designer wear while being published on the front page of every local magazine sounds like the perfect way to live. However, maintaining a posh and socially aspirational life often has negative health effects. Health Fitness Revolution is giving you an inside look at the downsides of trying to mimic the glamour of European aristocracy (which Europeans have perfected over centuries).

Health issues of a socialite:

It’s best to eat like a pauper

Eating Fage yogurt with berries and fiber cereal for breakfast all while depending on a personal trainer may seem healthy… until $40 martinis and a fine dining series featuring the nation’s top chefs overshadow it. That truffle mac and cheese and parmesan french fries accompanied with a bottle of Dom Perignon contribute to an excess in calories, contradicting precisely what your favorite trainer and trusted nutritionist told you to eat earlier that day- a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

Health is priceless

Boujee societal pressures can cause anxiety and depression. As a socialite, it is important to “constantly” fit in, look amazing, and keep up with the Jones’. This mentality also leads to spending copious amounts of money on Botox, chemical peels, liposuction, shopping sprees, cars with German, British, and Italian accents, and over the top pet accessories for teacup dogs with French names, just to name a few. Whatever your interests, if you’re missing out on them because of the constant need to be on the scene, it’s time to take a break and rediscover your lifelong passions.


“If you weren’t at the party you don’t exist!” The constant muted click of cameras at the annual spring fundraising party can become deafening. Attending black tie society balls nightly while drinking booze in excess amounts and using a variety of stimulants and depressants can be exhausting. No proper rest, all while having a pressed schedule, can have very harmful consequences such as increasing the risk of disease, exhaustion, a weakened immune system, heightened blood pressure, mental breakdowns, and heart attacks. By pausing to breathe and taking time for introspection, you can actually find your true, healthy self. Life is more than just a Broadway stage!

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