Anesa Kajtazovic For U.S. Congress


Health Fitness Revolution and it’s founder Samir Becic do not support any particular political party, just a singular agenda: healthy lifestyle.  However, with this being said, we promote any person who lives a healthy lifestyle and can make a strong impact in bringing awareness towards healthy living in the United States. One of these people is Anesa Kajtazovic.

She is a politician who is proactive in terms of living healthy, not only for herself but her constituents as well. We believe that people like her are the politicians of the future. Political leaders can be one of the building blocks towards attaining healthy lifestyle in mainstream America by being more proactive.  Their influence in making the laws and their presence in media is imperative towards exciting the masses into changing their nutrition for the better and being more physically active. Regardless of party affiliation, it is important that our leaders demonstrate healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.  Healthy Body, Healthy Mind- we want our leaders to be healthy!

At the age of 10, Anesa’s family was given a second chance at life by coming to the United States from a war torn Bosnia. Growing up, she learned the values of hard work by watching her parents each work two jobs, including hard labor at a meat packing plant.

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Only in America could a refugee rise up to graduate from college in three years with a double major and become the youngest elected woman to the state legislature at age of 24.

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She is running for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District because she truly understands the challenges most Americans face, as well the number of opportunities our country affords.  We must keep the American Dream alive and we can do that by providing all Americans with a fair shot. Like all young politicians who have great dreams, at the beginning there is always a struggle with gaining financial support, but we believe their innovative ideas deserve a chance. We encourage all readers to donate to Anesa because we believe in an America that is young, dynamic, proactive, healthy, fit, and courageous- all the qualities we see in her.

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