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Barack Obama, current president of the United States is very disciplined in his day to day life, and works out regularly.  Not only does the President work out daily, but his wife, Michelle Obama and their two daughters are equally conscious for their health.  Very particular about his health, the man eats healthy food and makes sure his family is very healthy as well.

    • Obama is 6’1″, a trim 181 lbs, and has his LDL (bad cholesterol) levels are a solid 110
    • In October 2008, Obama told Men’s Health magazine that he works out for 45 minutes a day, six days a week
    • Practices alternate resistance training. Alternating between cardio and strength training
    • Plays basketball regularly
    • Devotes four days a week to weight training
    • Has been vocal about his opinion that workouts are the best way to bring harmony between your body and mind
    • Used to be a smoker and quit for health reasons
    • He knows that when he indulges, he must put in more work. He has been known to hit the gym extra hard mornings where he indulged the evening before
    • Occasionally does plyometric and ab workouts
    • Has played golf over 150 times since taking office
    • Want sculpted arms like Barack?

Here’s what Obama does to work out his triceps (according to Politico)…

-like-golf-which-hes-played-100-times-since-hes-taken-office and-he-loves-playing-sports

Barack-Obama-body 1236962345_bo Barack-Obama-playing-basketball

Barack-Obama_2013235c barack_obama_mens_health_magazine_2008_november_cover Barack Obama and Joe Biden go jogging Image: President Barack Obama with Bo the dog

Barack Obama, Eric Whitaker, Sasha Obama


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