How to Beat the Winter Blues


Depression is a disease that can severely affect someone’s mood either short- or long-term. Often, a change in the weather can trigger seasonal depression, which typically occurs more during the winter holiday season, partly because of the days getting shorter and darker faster. But just because you have seasonal depression doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this holiday season. Here are some ways to cope with seasonal depression:

1. Get some morning sunshine. The sun is known to play a big part in our mood and our body needs the sun to create vitamin D. The best sunshine is always natural light! So spend your mornings outside observing nature, or go for a walk or run.

2. Maintain your routine. Keep up with your daily responsibilities. You’ll feel better that you’re making it to your weekly tasks.

3. Work out. Get active. Don’t just sit there. Be active and have fun. It’s been shown that working out can help alleviate the symptoms of depression and improve your mood. Your body naturally releases endorphins while you’re working out, which will make you feel happier.

4. Flip a switch. Research suggest that light boxes can help up to 50% of people who suffer from seasonal depression. The bright light from these boxes can help the body awaken in the morning and decreases melatonin. Other studies have shown that light therapy can also help people suffering from seasonal depression with a mood lift!

5. Ditch the sugar. You already know that too much of this is bad. It can put you at risk for weight gain and diabetes. Research also shows that sugar can have a negative effect on mental health. Countries that consume the most sugar have higher rates of depression.

6. Get outside. Much like the first tip that suggests getting more natural sunlight, a little fresh air outdoors can help relieve stress.

7. Develop wintertime interests. Get a hobby during this season and do something that you would enjoy. This will help you stay active and keep you happy.

8. Practice relaxation. Slow down and relax. Things don’t need to get done right away. Slowing down can help get you out of the dump. Practice yoga or meditation. These methods are sure to help you relax!

9. Book a trip. Don’t just stay in one place. Take a trip somewhere. Head south or take that dream vacation you’ve been wanting. It’s important to take a break from work and get away from everything. The trip could do you some good and lift your mood significantly, too!

Information gathered from Huffington Post.


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