Best Physical Activities for Kids


Every parent wants the best for their kids, and with the current epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S., it’s important that parents push their kids to be active and fit. Statistics show that 25% of US children spend 4 hours or more watching TV daily and that from 2000 to 2010, the amount of time teens spend playing video games has more than doubled; time on the computer has tripled. It is imperative for parents to incorporate fitness activities for kids in their every day routine so that they can develop skills that can’t be taught through sedentary activities.

Organized sports are always a great way for children to learn discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and athleticism, but there are easy ways to get your kids to be more active every day around the house:

  • Walk or bicycle with children to school, the grocery store, with the dog.
  • Make chores active by playing music and dancing to them, or turning it into a timed game
  • Go roller skating, rollerblading, or ice skating in the winter
  • Support kids in a sport that they particularly enjoy
  • Find time every weekend to do something active like throw a frisbee, play softball, go trampolining, or go indoor rock climbing
  • Fly a kite!
  • Go for a swim
  • Train for a fun run or walk together that benefits a good cause

Here are the benefits of active kids:

  • strong muscles and bones
  • weight control
  • decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • better sleep
  • a better outlook on life
  • more academically motivated, alert, and successful



  1. Hey im from Mrs.Sizemore class and i really like your blog, gives me more tips on how to be healthy.

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