The Brooke Burke Butt Workout with Tara Stiles


Brooke Burke is known in Hollywood for her amazing body at age 42 after 4 kids and Tara Stiles is one of the most celebrated yoga instructors in the US. Together, they demonstrate the Brooke Burke Butt Workout so you can do it at home!

Brooke Burke’s philosophy: Work with what you’ve got—and why not have some fun while you’re at it? The 39-year-old celeb mom has given up striving for perfection and instead focuses on doing her best. And that’s one of the reasons Brooke Burke wrote her book, The Naked Mom, a survival manual for mothers (and everyother woman for that matter) trying to artfully keep all those balls in the air. “Women need to hear the words ‘It’s okay if things don’t go exactly the way you want them to,'” she says. “Give yourself a break!”

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