Bruce Springsteen Workout and Fitness Routine


Celebrities get all the attention, which means they have to look good for the paparazzi, so they have to eat healthy and workout. Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines! Celebs have the benefit of working with expensive trainers and nutritionists to stay red carpet ready, so we’ve done the research and passed it along to you. Bruce Springsteen, best known for being born in the USA is the feature for this attention Celebrity Workout.  Here is the Bruce Springsteen workout routine:

Unlike many of the rockers in this list and throughout history, Bruce’s own bandmates have said that he is anomaly in the sense that he never lived hard- that he was probably the only person that they knew who had never tried drugs at all. Springsteen, who has undergone therapy to treat his crippling, suicidal depression, never did drugs because he saw how it destroyed his unstable, alcoholic father, who used to beat him as a kid. He did, however, use exercise and healthy lifestyle as a way to maintain some balance in his life- which is why now, at the age of 64, he still has the same wait as he did when he was 15! Springsteen maintains his age-defying physique by running on the treadmill and lifting weights with a trainer–a workout routine he has followed since his thirties. In addition to his regimented training for the past 3 decades, Bruce eats a mostly vegetarian diet and spends time enjoying his family, and reading, all of which are important to healthy lifestyle.

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