Chuti Tiu Fitness Workout


Ever wonder how the “Pretty Rosebud” chooses to healthy and fit? The American actress Chuti Tiu follows a vegan diet, keep reading below to find out more:

“Dancing around the house like a madwoman whenever I’m inspired. And meditation, prayer – the spiritual/psychological side is just as if not more important than the physical.” Chuti Tiu

  • American Actress of Chinese, Filipina, and Spanish descent
  • Known for her role in Pretty RosebudDays of Our Lives, and Weeds
  • Believes in taking anti-aging multivitamins
  • Takes Chinese herbs from her acupuncturist
  • Follows a vegan diet and has a weekly vegan delivery service
  • Works out 3 times per week
  • Does Sebastien Lagree’s SPX workout which is an ultra intense form of Pilates
  • Prefers to work out on elliptical machines
  • Takes walks and lifts weights

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