Coach Rudy Tomjanovich names Samir Becic “Best Trainer in the World”


In this video featuring legendary basketball coach Rudy Tomjanovich, hear what he has to say about Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic.

Balkan Brothers Rudy Tomjanovich and Samir Becic had fun talking about old times while enjoying each other’s company at a local coffee shop. The two of them had many stories to share about their long history as friends. Not only is their heritage from the same region of the world, but their friendship goes beyond that.

Samir was Rudy’s fitness trainer for several years until Rudy moved to California to work for the LA Lakers. The two stay in touch regularly and visit with each other every time Rudy travels to Houston, or when Samir goes to Los Angeles.

“Rudy is my Balkan Brother, and I think he is the best basketball coach in the world,” Becic said. “He is one of my best friends and I enjoy the times when we get to visit. He is also a strong supporter of Health Fitness Revolution, and he does what he can to live a healthy lifestyle and motivate other people to do the same. He is a great example for the people of Houston to be positive and follow their dreams.”

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