How to Curb Overeating During the Holidays


It’s the time of year when your schedule is full with holiday parties every week, which could be dangerous with all of the food and desserts readily available. But have no fear, there are ways to curb overeating, whether you’re at a social gathering or at home. Try these tips to avoid overeating from HFR- led by fitness expert and HaperCollins author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic.

1. Nurse your drink: Always have a glass of water or a cup of hot tea in hand, so you need to consciously stop and put it down in order to eat. Nursing a hot beverage such as tea can also slow down your eating. When you’ve finished eating your plate of food, get up and help the host or hostess clear the table so you are up and moving, rather than sitting and nibbling a little more. Not only will it stop you from eating more than you should, but you’ll also be a big help to your friend!

2. Avoid the artificial sweetener: Studies have indicated that consuming artificial sweeteners in your drinks or desserts may actually trigger more hunger. The reason is because the chemical reaction in the brain does not recognize any calorie intake, which will make you feel like you need to snack more.

3. Plan your meals and portion sizes ahead of time: Cooking your meals for the week is a good way to limit what you eat. When your portion sizes are predetermined by what you’ve cooked at the beginning of the week, it’s easier to control your inclination to splurge.

4. Easy on the alcohol: Not only does alcohol add to your caloric intake, but a state of inebriation can give you false feelings of hunger, which will cause you to overeat. Instead of a full glass of wine, try mixing it with club soda to make a spritzer. It’s just as delightful with a little bubbly.

5. Banish your food weaknesses: We all have that one food that we just can’t resist no matter how full you are. Even after a full meal, seeing that indulgence – whether it’s a cake, or cookies – can cause your brain to think you’re still hungry and need it. Instead, it’s best to keep all of these “trigger foods” out of the house entirely. That way, you’re not tempted to overeat.

6. Trick your brain: Use smaller plates and smaller portion sizes on your plate. When your eyes see that the smaller plate is full, you naturally trick your brain to thinking that you’re eating a sufficient amount.

Information gathered from Health Central.

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