Determine Your Why?

Why written in the snow

Health Fitness Revolution always wants to provide you with the building blocks to continue progressing and accomplishing great things in terms of your health and fitness, and for the rest of your life.  We’re sure some of you may have begun incorporating all these great tips into your lives and dropped some sizes, are feeling more energetic, feeling more confident, more productive, happier, stronger, more creative… or a combination of all of these!  Whatever motivates you to stay on this path is what we suggest you remind yourselves of everyday when you wake up.

Slumps and lack of motivation are invariably going to happen- we are all human.  But we urge you to work through these, and remember why is it you wanted to get healthy and fit in the first place.  Was it as an example for your kids and family?  Was it to fit in to a certain pair of jeans?  Was it to curb illness?  To get toned?  To feel good in your body?  Whatever the reason- decide what your “WHY” is today.  And no matter what happens, you can always come back to the WHY to motivate yourself on those days where being active or eating right are a little more challenging and seem daunting.

You all have the power within you to continue changing your lives for the better and we challenge you to continue doing so!  We have seen great strength, ambition, motivation and perseverence in you these past 8 weeks and we KNOW you can all continue on this amazing path to health GREATNESS!



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