Those With Diabetes at Greater Risk For Heart Damage


Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that people with diabetes may have a 6X higher risk of heart failure than those who are not diabetic even if their cholesterol is low and they appear otherwise healthy. This study ultimately suggested that people with diabetes and pre-diabetes may be suffering from undetectable potentially dangerous heart muscle damage. This test is 10X more sensitive than the regular blood test and can detect evidence of  chronic heart muscle damage even in people who may not show any signs of heart damage.

The results of the study showed that people with diabetes were twice as likely to have elevated amount of troponin in their bloodstream than people without diabetes. Diabetics with elevated amounts were 6X more likely to develop heart failure and 4X more likely to develop a heart disease or condition. People with pre-diabetes were only about 1/3 likely to have a higher amount of troponin.

Diabetes and being obese is already known to be linked to other health issues but this just gives you one more reason to go for a run or get some cardiovascular exercise in. It’ll be good for you heart and help keep it in tip-top shape for a long time! Also, if you are diabetic, doing some form of cardio workouts will help you manage your diabetes!

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