Donald Trump Fitness Profile


As the 2016 Presidential Race continues to ramp up, we aim to keep HFR readers up to date with how the candidates stay healthy and fit and their views on how important health and fitness in their constituents lives.

Here is the Donald Trump Fitness Profile:

  • His 2007 book “Think Big & Kick Ass” includes a wide variety of life tips, many of which can be applied in the gym:
    • Passion: find exercises that you genuinely enjoy and become masters at those, this is the most effective way to stick with a workout routine
    • Positivity: Never quit, always believe that your efforts are paying off, even if you don’t see it yet
    • Focus: don’t let temptations overcome your goals. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t stop
    • Think big: Set deadlines for yourself and set the bar high. You will feel much more accomplished and motivated this way
  • Trump used to play a lot of sports and loved them as a teenager, he says he was always a good athlete and played football, baseball, soccer, and wrestled. His favorite, however, was baseball, and he was captain of his high school team.
  • Trump said he had planned going pro in baseball before he got involved in real estate.
  • Now he keeps in shape by golfing and going on walks. He claims that golfing is more effective than you might think, and that when he plays several rounds he notices a change in his weight.
  • Avoids all drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, having avoided them his whole life. Says the untimely death of his older brother, who was an alcoholic, was a wake up call for him.


  1. I have to say love him or hate Donald Trump is an example of how to live healthy. I love all of the tips in this article. As a personal trainer in the Washington DC area we teach fitness as something you live and not just do. At our Georgetown fitness studio we offer wellness coaching as well as personal training. We understand that life in the gym is easy when we are with you. But what you do when your not is what really matter. Start by incorporating these tip in your fitness lifestyle.

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