Dr. Andrew Oteo DC Bio


Health Fitness Revolution Magazine is proud to have Dr. Andrew Oteo DC as a contributing writer. Dr. Oteo is Board Certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, and highly trained in multiple health and rehabilitation disciplines.


He is currently a practicing doctor in Highland Village, TX at ProForm Clinics (www.proformclinics.com). As well, he is actively involved with conducting advanced health education programs for individuals, teams, organizations, and media platforms.


Dr. Oteo’s mission is to help others optimize their body’s natural health potential. His passion for healing and teaching stems from an early personal experience in the realm of a sports injury. An avid athlete, he was struck with a shoulder and knee injuries that did not respond to traditional care. His journey into alternative medical research led him to the understanding that the body and mind must be treated in a holistic way, and that treatment and prevention can be done without dependence on drug related therapy. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and methods to enrich lives and serve the community.


Andrew A. Oteo, DC 214-563-1414 droteo@proformclinics.com

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