US Eating Habits Improve in the Past Few Years


A 12 year study has found that America’s eating habits have improved, but we still remain far from having ideal eating habits!  On the scale, having the perfect eating habits we would have to score an 110.  From 1999-2000, Americans were far from that. We only had 40 points during that time period but in the past decade, we have raised to 47 points. Even though the average score of our eating habits has increased, if we look at the scores for low-income families, they are lower than the average and the difference between the income level and eating points have increased more than 6 points between the two different groups.

This study also states that because our scores are increasing, it means that many Americans are increasing their consumption of heart healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  The higher the score also indicates that the risk of other health diseases and illnesses can be lower.

This is great news for Americans since the rate of obesity is still on the rise but changing the American diet is just the beginning step to create a healthier America. Hopefully, this will motivate more people to eat healthy to get American on the path of becoming a Healthy nation.

To read the entire article, please read it at FoxNews

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