Fighting Homelessness with Fitness


Health Fitness Revolution believes that when people are taught healthy lifestyle, that the benefits radiate to every aspect of their lives and manifests itself not only as good health but also as financial, emotional, and psychological successes.  For this reason, HFR visited Magnificat House in Houston, TX, which was founded to serve the most abandoned and neglected of our society — those who are deprived both mentally and socially, leading to homelessness.

We are excited to announce that the founder of Health Fitness Revolution, Samir Becic, is spearheading a new program that will implement healthy lifestyle in Houston’s homeless community in order to improve their healthy lifestyle through physical exercise.  This program is very dear to his heart because it involves people who have nothing and he feels that they can get a sense of purpose through taking their health into their hands.  It will improve their discipline and accountability so that some of them may begin having a normal life again.

Today was our inaugural visit to Magnificat House and it went great! We are happy to share some of the pictures with you!

Samir Speaking about Healthy Nutrition
Samir Speaking about Healthy Nutrition
The man who won our push-up contest!
The man who won our push-up contest!
We really love this guy's shirt "No Skinny Chicks"! And we agree! Healthy Chicks are the best!
We really love this guy’s shirt “No Skinny Chicks”! And we agree! Healthy Chicks are the best!
Today's message: Drink More Water!
Today’s message: Drink More Water!
Outdoor workout with Samir
Outdoor workout with Samir

Magnificat House offers hope and refuge to the destitute by providing homes where people of different mental abilities, social backgrounds, religions and cultures, can live together in community.  They aim to create a bridge to the outside world and the confidence necessary to cross it.

Part of crossing this bridge is teaching the guests at Magnificat House to take care of themselves with regard to their health, nutrition, and fitness.  Health Fitness Revolution and Samir hopes to aid Magnificat’s noble efforts by visiting them monthly for group fitness, motivational seminars, and nutrition classes!

Please visit to find out more about the wonderful work they are doing in the community.


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