Fitness Profile: Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Jerry Brown

In 2012, Gov. Chris Christie called Jerry Brown an “old retread” which the California governor did not appreciate – so Gov. Brown challenged Christie to a fitness test! The then-74-year old Jerry Brown said, “Not as much hair, I’m slowed down a little bit. But I have to tell you, I ran three miles in 29 minutes two nights ago … and I hereby challenge Gov. Christie to a three-mile race, a push-up contest and a chin-up contest. And whatever he wants to bet, I have no doubt of the outcome.”

Jerry Brown Keeps Fitness Up At Old Age

Even at 76 years old, Christie is no stranger to impromptu displays of strength. Four years ago he challenged a reporter to do 11 chin-ups, then did 12 himself! He also cares about the fitness of kids in California and has also partnered with Jake Steinfeld’s Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to award schools that are demonstrating positive impact on the physical activity, fitness levels and well-being of California children.

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