Fitness Profile: Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois


In 2001, Governor Pat Quinn walked from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan, in an action aimed at providing decent health care for all. In 2012, he announced the “Walk Across Illinois Challenge,” an initiative to help improve the health and wellness of Illinois residents. Today, the Walk Across Illinois Challenge covers 190 miles and encourages everyone from youth to senior citizens to walk.

Pat Quinn Forms Governor’s Council For Fitness

That same year, Governor Quinn announced the creation of the Governor’s Council on Health and Physical Fitness to develop practical ideas to help residents embrace healthier lifestyles. This council is charged with promoting a statewide response to prevent chronic disease brought on by poor nutrition and a lack of physical fitness.

Pat Quinn aims to promote lifelong physical activity and healthy eating practices. “The best preventative medicine is a healthy lifestyle,” Quinn said as healthy lifestyle has been shown to contribute to healthy weight, prevent or improve most chronic diseases and increase longevity.

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