Fitness Profile: Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi


In his state of address in 2012, Gov. Phil Bryant said there was a pressing need for fitness in Mississippi. “As citizens, we must do a better job with our individual healthcare,” Bryant said. “Every Mississippian should realize that a sound diet and exercise program will save lives and reduce health care costs. We should not be the most obese state in the nation, leading the worst statistics of heart attacks and strokes. Walk, run, go to the gym, plant a garden or ride a bike. Getting active is key to your own health care and I again intend to lead by example.”

He also invited the people of Mississippi to join him at the 5K Governor’s Run for Health, which aims to host every summer during his tenure. Phil Bryant believes each of us has to take responsibility for our personal health, and that a family run is a great way for people to get active and improve their well-being.

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