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Samir Becic, 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World and the Health Fitness Revolution Team created a list of the top fittest male celebrities in India. Samir appreciates the historical and cultural heritage of India and sees India as one of the strongest countries in the world, with even stronger potential in the future. The Health Fitness Revolution team will go into every country in the world and every segment of society to pick its leaders and heroes in healthy lifestyle in order to create strong ambassadors who can be a great example for their followers, fans, voters, students, and employees.

In the words of Samir Becic, “You have more control over your body than you think- you can control, manage, or completely avoid 60-70% of known chronic conditions with physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and mental, social, and spiritual balance.”

We first researched all the available data on Indian celebs online and narrowed it down to 100. Then, we did more extensive research to narrow it down to 50 and then finally 36. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.

The list is in no particular order and none of the participants are professional athletes because we think professional athletes are a separate category.

Hrithik Roshan


  • lost 10.5 kg (~23 pounds) and trimmed 7 cm (~3 inches) from his waistline in 10 weeks, without any fad diets, starvation, or a grueling exercise regime
  • diet plan had large amounts of proteins and other nutritious food items
  • displayed before and after pictures
  • aimed to spread the message that going from fat to fit is not as difficult as imagined

Salman Khan

salman khan

  • one of the first onscreen Indian heroes to work on their physique
  • follows a grueling workout regime and takes his fitness seriously
  • cycles from Bandra to Panvel occasionally and makes the 50 km (~31 mile) trip in 3 hours
  • known to do 1000 push-ups or 2000 sit-ups per day
  • workouts are usually 2 hours long, always including 1 hour of cardio
  • steers clear of all junk foods and avoids anything sugary
  • known to help others out with fitness

Vidyut Jamwal


  • has practiced kalaripayattu, an ancient Indian martial arts technique, since he was young
  • training regime includes jiu jitsu and parkour
  • barely spends time in the gym; instead, prefers natural physical activities like swimming, badminton, and kick-boxing
  • vegetarian
  • does not believe in dieting, but recommends eating healthy and balanced
  • eats 6 small meals throughout the day

Ranveer Singh


  • for the movie Ramleela, his trainer helped him get back in shape using a combination of Kris Gethin’s DTP and Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill’s Y3T – lost 55 kg (~121 pounds)
  • works out at least 6 days a week, regardless of his shooting schedules
  • follows a very simple, balanced diet, consisting of protein (mainly chicken), fruits, and vegetables
  • speaking on health and fitness, Singh said, “for me, it’s a choice, it’s a lifestyle choice and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Akshay Kumar

ashkay kumar

  • martial arts and adventure sports enthusiast
  • likes home cooked food and thinks it helps maintain his healthy physique
  • workout routine includes long walks, martial arts, stretching, yoga, swimming, and meditation
  • plays basketball at least 3 times each week
  • mixes various workouts to avoid monotony
  • emphasizes following a disciplined life

Arjun Rampal

arjun rampal

  • was an athlete during his college days
  • works out 5 days a week and focuses on 2 body parts each day
  • likes to run, swim, and play tennis and football
  • practices karate
  • diet is usually a simple mix of all the major food groups
  • “Being fit helps improve my concentration, my willpower, and even my determination.”

Karan Singh Grover

karan grover

  • visits the gym 5 times a week for a mixture of cardio and weight training
  • likes including a lot of sports and activities to avoid monotony
  • enjoys swimming, running on the beach, and practicing B-Boying
  • tries to eat lots of freshly cooked vegetables and fresh fruits
  • avoids junk food, but eats anything he craves on the weekends
  • speaks strongly against smoking

Kushal Tandon

kushal tandon

  • works out for 2.5 hours a day, including both weights and cardio
  • doesn’t follow any particular diet; eats everything, but knows where to draw the line
  • enjoys egg whites for breakfast
  • personal fitness mantra: “the only mantra to stay fit is to eat healthy and exercise regularly”

Manish Paul

manish paul

  • works out 7 days of the week
  • if he can’t make it to the gym, goes for jogs
  • does weight training 4 days a week and cardio 3 days a week
  • loves playing cricket and basketball
  • avoids red meat, but eats lots of chicken and eggs
  • fitness mantra: “eat well, exercise well, and sleep well”

Ruslaan Mumtaz


  • has always been into fitness and sports
  • does weights 4 days a week
  • plays badminton twice a week
  • follows a protein-rich diet

Siddharth Shukla

siddharth shukla

  • as a child, represented his school in football, cricket, badminton, and table tennis
  • works out 6 days a week, for 2 hours a day
  • diet consists of lots of proteins, green vegetables, and low carbs
  • compensates for unhealthy eating by taking the stairs to his apartment on the 12th floor

Rannvijay Singh


  • doesn’t smoke or do drugs
  • doesn’t go to the gym, but enjoys various sports and army drills
  • runs 10 kms (~6 miles) every other day
  • loves to sleep and eat
  • drinks a lot of water and eats a lot of fruit

Ahran Chaudhary


  • former Merchant Navy officer
  • tries to swim for an hour a day
  • recommends not going overboard exercising
  • doesn’t eat outside food
  • doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs

Gurmeet Choudhary


  • works out 6 days a week, alternating weight training with jogging and kick boxing
  • extremely dedicated to being fit
  • if long shooting hours disrupt his exercise routine, he goes for a jog or climbs up and down the stairs
  • very particular about his diet and follows a strict regime
  • eats mostly fruits and boiled vegetables
  • avoids any kind of junk or fried food

Rajbeer Singh


  • “fitness means not only physical fitness but mental and spiritual strength also”
  • former bodybuilder
  • exercises daily
  • follows a proper diet, meditation, and cardio exercises to stay in shape
  • fan of boxing, martial arts, and rugby

Anil Ambani


  • runs at least 100 km (~62 miles) a week
  • committed marathoner
  • doesn’t smoke or drink
  • careful about what he eats
  • was previously overweight – dropped almost one third of his weight by getting up early to run and making healthy eating choices

Ajay Devgn

ajay devgn

  • fitness enthusiast who likes to work out regularly and eat the right type of food
  • follows a very healthy meal plan, but eats what he wants once a week
  • followed a strict low carb, high protein diet to achieve desired look for the movie Singham
  • also increased the intensity of his workouts, but not the quantity

Yash Birla


  • passionate about fitness
  • weight trains 4 times a week and does cardio twice
  • likes cycling, power yoga, walking, and martial arts
  • vegetarian
  • doesn’t drink or smoke
  • “fitness is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit to allow you to maximize your potential and help others maximize their potential”

Tiger Shroff

tiger shroff

  • works out for 1.5 to 2 hours every day
  • plays football and practices kickboxing and gymnastics
  • has followed healthy eating since his childhood
  • eats mostly home cooked food and avoids carbs after 5 pm
  • drinks tons of water in a day

Shahid Kapoor


  • works out 6 days a week
  • tries to find a balance between weight training and cardio
  • walks and jogs for 7-10 km (~4-6 miles) every week
  • vegetarian
  • follows a high protein diet, low in carbs and fat

Aamir Khan

aamir khan

  • typically exercises 3 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • followed a mix of HIIT for cardio while training for Dhoom 3
  • eats frequently during the day in smaller portions
  • avoids sugar

Taher Ali

taher ali

  • works on every body part twice a week
  • enjoys calisthenics, Parkour exercises, and yoga
  • does a lot of stretching
  • tries to eat a lot of protein with dietary fiber and carbohydrates at 3-hour intervals
  • avoids oil, cheese, and butter

Farhan Akhtar


  • toned up his body to play the role of an Olympic runner
  • trained for 2 hours, 3 times a day
  • stopped going to late night parties and was in bed by 10 pm
  • got his carbs from fruits and vegetables



  • while preparing for his role in Singam 2, he worked out for 2 hours every day
  • workout regime consisted of half an hour of cardio and one and a half hours of muscle building exercises
  • stayed away from oily foods, milk products, and salt
  • followed a high protein diet

John Abraham


  • “healthy life is like a tripod – good food, good sleep, and a good workout routine”
  • takes his fitness regime seriously
  • eats 6 meals a day
  • pescatarian
  • each meal has carbohydrates, protein, and fiber

Milind Soman


  • always finds time for exercising, no matter how hectic his schedule is
  • runs to stay in shape and relieve stress
  • doesn’t take any supplements or steroids
  • fitness mantra: “Be Active Always. The more you sit, the more you’ll be sick.”
  • promoted HCG Pinkathon, an initiative to encourage fitness and health among women

Sonu Sood

sonu sood

  • vegetarian
  • doesn’t drink or smoke
  • avoids fried food, oily dishes, and high-calorie junk food
  • considers himself a fitness freak
  • works out every day for around 2 hours
  • loves to play cricket

Mohit Raina

mohit raina

  • lost weight to participate in the 2005 Grasim Mr. India contest
  • goes to the gym 6 days a week, including weight training for 4 days and cardio for 2 days
  • makes sure diet is healthy, home cooked, and nutritious
  • follows a 60:40 protein to carb ratio for his meals
  • “We live stressful lives and to beat that some kind of physical activity is necessary.”

Rahul Dev

rahul dev

  • fitness program consists of 6 specific groups of exercises in a circuit, completed 5 times a week
  • focuses on small portions and has 5-6 meals throughout the day
  • eats plenty of carbs and proteins
  • “Try and be happy at all times and exercise regularly.”

Sidharth Malhotra

sidharth malhotra

  • changes his workout program every 3-4 weeks to prevent boredom
  • combines weight training with swimming and running
  • enjoys playing football
  • doesn’t smoke and drinks only on rare occasions
  • prefers organic and homemade foods

Randeep Hooda


  • started working out at age 9
  • workouts are short, but intense, lasting about 25-30 minutes
  • prefers running on the treadmill while watching his favorite TV shows
  • enjoys riding horses
  • prefers wholesome foods, consisting of lean protein, low carbs, and healthy fats
  • against bulking up just to look good
  • believes one should eat right to have an agile body and alert mind



  • one of the first actors in South India to take to bodybuilding
  • worked hard to get a muscular physique for the film 555
  • followed a protein diet
  • spent 6 hours in the gym each day and said, “it has become my second home these days”



  • normally very fit, but increased the intensity of his workouts to achieve his chiseled physique for the film Aiyyaa
  • had to “practically live in the gym”
  • exercised twice a day for 2 hours
  • also followed a strict diet regime for 4-5 months

Shah Rukh Khan


  • workout usually consists of weight training along with working on his abs, 4 times a week
  • also does about 30-60 minutes of cardio every day
  • always eats healthy food
  • follows a high-protein, low-fat diet
  • eats fruit when he craves something sweet
  • drinks 8-10 glasses of water a day

Saif Ali Khan

saif ali khan

  • works out daily for 2 hours
  • starts with a light warm-up followed by stretching and skipping
  • fitness routine includes shadow training and punching bag sessions
  • also practices yoga and kickboxing
  • follows a diet high in energy content and low in fat
  • eats 5-6 meals a day which include 15% fats, 30% proteins, and 45% carbs

Ranbir Kapoor

ranbir kapoor

  • goes to the gym regularly for about an hour 5 days a week
  • starts with 5-10 minutes of cardio to warm up
  • focuses on different body parts on different days of the week
  • also likes kickboxing and playing football
  • eats 5-6 small meals each day


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