Health, Hair, Harmony…


Health Fitness Revolution believes in empowerment, health, and happiness!  We realize that feeling confident is a vital part of self-image and self-esteem, which is why we got Peter Giovanni of Spalon International, and friend of Health Fitness Revolution Founder Samir Becic to talk about his experiences with Health, Hair, and Harmony:


Some days you get up  early, hit the Gym for an hour or longer. The shower feels great, you even use your best perfume after wards. All is well until the mirror catches your reflection. Oh no, my Hair!  Your fabulous self image crushed by a mere reflection.

That is why the old saying holds true: “A great Haircut is your best accessory”. Wanting to look great reaches as far back as the first human being becoming self-conscious.

Hairstyling, eyeliner and lipstick were a daily part ,of a royal, or even semi royal, life for Egyptians.  In Ancient China, during many dynasties, Hair Styles where elaborate; hair care and styling was a true art form.  The coloring of Hair as well as the removal of body-hair also was very popular in Ancient Rome and Greece for people of wealth.

Hairstyles and skincare often see a constant fluctuation in natural or not so natural looks depending on the mood of the times.  So whether you are into the Elizabethan Red,the puritanical Victorian,the 50s teased and sprayed or the artificial look of the 80s in contrast to today’s unkempt natural style.

One thing is for sure- Loving what we see , when we look in the mirror, is and always will be utterly important to our Self-Image.  When your hair and skin look great you believe in yourself and rarely think of what others think of you. This allows you to take full advantage of what life has to offer. If you are confident in yourself,you will also attract healthy successful people into your life.

Some  years ago, during the time of a canceled appointment, gazing out of the salon door. A young woman walked by crying. I asked if there was anything I could do to help, perhaps a free haircut would cheer her up , I thought. She hesitantly accepted my somewhat strange offer. Afterward she smiled, offered to pay, and went on about her day. A few days later the phone rang. It was her  “Thank you so much for your kindness earlier this week”.  Hesitantly she continued.  “I was contemplating ending my life that day you approached me and if it wasn’t for  your great haircut and how beautiful and confident it made me feel, I probably would not be here today”.”Thank you so very much”.  True this is somewhat of an extreme, but nonetheless, a very telling story.  Radiant skin and beautiful hair inspires confidence in yourself, therefore, life’s little hurdles are easier to overcome with a spring in your step.


Health, Hair, Harmony.

Peter Giovanni




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